Land of Talk

Land of Talk


60's Rock meets 70's Rock meets 80's Rock meets 90's Rock meets today's Rock. Fronted by the daughter of North America's first female alligator wrestler. Backed by two lovely men.


Land of Talk
Montreal-based musical innovator Elizabeth Powell, has been banging out "Anti Folk Basement Rock" since the ripe old age of fourteen. Born and partially raised in a one-room schoolhouse in Moonstone, Ontario, Elizabeth and her family later moved to Guelph, where she tapped into the local music scene and moved beyond Suzuki violin to an acoustic Yamaha that she "acquired" from an aunt.
Influences can be traced back to early P.J. Harvey, Dinosaur Jr., and the local Punk rock and Home rock in the Royal City. No stranger to Hillside Festival, ELizabeth played electric violin in the Aaron Riches Nuclear Family Band at Hillside'97; bass and vocals for the Valentines in '98 and then solo in '99. Between gigging around Ontario and Quebec, she recorded the EP belle epoque, which she released the summer before heading off to Concordia University in Montreal. The Music program was too constrictiing for the young singer-songwriter and she left shool to practice music on her own terms. Unhappy with every project she joined Powell finally rediscovered Bucky and thus Land of Talk was born. It wasn't until after a long line of bass players (Blake Markle, Sage Reynolds, Tim Kramer) that Chris joined the band creating the perfect chemical trio. Despite their undisputed sexiness it's Land of Talk's stellar stage presence, uplifting lyrics and haunting melodies that leave their fans screaming in the gutter, begging for more.
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2006 Applause Cheer Boo Hiss - independent
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Set List

Our sets are generally 45 minutes to an hour.
speak to me bones
magnetic hill
street wheels
It's okay
All my friends
sea foam
summer special
Dreams (Fleetwood Mac)
No such thing as a bad day