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A strong voice amongst the many revolutionary that call the Bay Area home, Mr. Meek is emerging as a chronicler of the era with spoken word poetry that deciphers the days and times with precision.


There’s no way to tip toe around the fact, Meek is the spoken word artist that will take the genre to the cracks and crevices of your intellect and ask it, “do you like it spicy?” Mr. Meek is a product of a rebuked Reaganomics era and a cold eastside gang culture that inaugurated him to the dog eat dog world. Raised in Northern California, Meek drew influences from the rich revolutionary past that the Bay Area is notorious for. His style is reminiscent of what early 1990’s hip-hop represented with the real and raw lyrics of Chuck D mixed with the slick street science of Ice Cube. He possesses the linguistics of a scholar with the untamed tongue of a young Malcolm (before the chickens came home to roost). Meek has a talent that we see in poets far and few in between. His earliest beginnings were as a member of a neighborhood backyard ensemble however, as fate would have it out of the original four members one is dead, two are in jail, and then there was Meek, the survivor.

A traveler, having been halfway around the world by the time he was 22, Meek recognizes the importance of diversity and the inclusion of all kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds. When he was younger his uniqueness always kept him secluded and alienated from even his own family but fast forward to when the child became a man and the same uniqueness that he was teased for is now adored. He can deliver a poem like no other because his passion is unparalleled and his desire to avert from the norm keeps his performances fresh and crisp. An astute student persuing an MA degree, Meek is extremely open to mentoring youths by public speaking.



Written By: MeeK

I’m the bullet that broke the gang truce
a nigga that escaped from a southern noose

Once held by angels but now let loose,
free will
the right to decide
ignorance is no excuse

So I will not run and hide and…

Put my prose to use because,
poets evoke the possibility of what might be
contrary to impotent puppet politicians,
naw, we ain’t even close not even slightly

So rasie your glass & let’s make a toast
to a future without me
That’s right my memory
I’ma die a martyr guaranteed

In sleep my spirit visits my savior
We would have great discussions
and when I awoke, all I remembered is
I wanted to stay there

But I’m back here
where chaos is currency

A poet that spit saliently

So the dumb that don’t get it wan
alienate me,
segregate me,
hate me cuz you ain’t me

However, this is didactic
something for your soul
My silence is pregnant
to heavy for any mother to hold

A terse verse
then I’m gone like something been stole

In A bRaVe mAn's MInD

Written By: MeeK

In a brave man’s mind,
what you seek is what you find

In a brave man’s mind,
you sleep walking out your coffin

In a brave man’s mind,
no question is unanswered
and every answer is divine

In a brave man’s mind,
there are no limits
and no illusions of time

In a brave man’s mind,
victory is either
accepted or declined

A brave man’s mind,
social constructs couldn’t confine

Because a brave man’s mind,
like mine,
could never become a mental slave

Word to the brave, laying in the grave

In a brave man’s mind
In a brave man’s mind

Jesus came crip walkin’ down the block
talkin’ bout’, “what’s up blood?”
said, “cold chillin’ christ & keepin’ conversation short like a snub,
cuz niggaz take kindness for weakness…make it hard to show love”
said, “I feel ya!”
reached in his pocket and released a dove

And everybody sleeps different
some with the witness
& some beggin’ for forgiveness

Life before death?
regardless of what comes first
we all hunger & thirst

Attack of the killer commercials
real not a rehearsal
not just here but universal,
you would take time to fear
but your seat is too comfortable

The bullet that left the barrel
came to a conclusion
before it burst
it recognized time is just an illusion

Like crime & capitalism
is an orchestrated fusion

A brave man’s mind
& oppression, equals revolution

Only in a slave mentality
does stagnant neutrality
define humanity

After I set your wallet a flames
then can you growl at me

So please Mr. President
grant me a pension
& at every election
I’ll give you & yours a
honorable mention

I’ll enlist with a smile
fall right into rank & file
waving a flag made of Benjamin’s

Because I pledge defiance to the
divided mind states of Amerika!

Where there will never be forbearance
for the immeasurable consequence
of being a nigga
or any other tan skin color

Because the arrogance that has
created class division is drenched in
racism, which by definition is a
divide & conquer mechanism

An axiom that asks for
unquestionable allegiance
Like religion

But I burn bibles on Sundays
because I been bilked by
wicked words from wretched minds
that keep in step with colonization
from the 1500’s to today

In a brave man’s mind,
what you seek is what you find

In a brave man’s mind,
you sleep walking out your coffin

In a brave man’s mind,
no question is unanswered
and every answer is divine

In a brave man’s mind,
there are no limits
and no illusions of time

In a brave man’s mind,
victory is either accepted or declined

A brave man’s mind,
social constructs couldn’t confine

Because a brave man’s mind,
like mine,
could never become a mental slave

Word to the brave, laying in the grave

In a brave man’s mind
In a brave man’s mind

On every channel in every media
they conduct search & seizure
of what’s in my cranium
solely tryna control my cognition
to conform to somebody’s
sick capitalistic vision

I’m from a house in the hood
where its clearly understood
a wolves howl is the mood
when a stomach growl was heard

The quality of compassion is
losing its pristine gleam
if you know what I mean?

My finger is asphyxiated in a
trigger pull position
I befriended a barrel
That whistles freedom
& its a sweet song
if I put it to your ear
you can have a listen

I’m a predator, I prey
Kindergarten commandments
aren’t in my way

The language of silence is loud
in an age of violence where
ignorance is proud

So please marketing man
vend me violence at any price
even if it cost me my life

I’m sayin’, sell me sanity in bite size
no matter how bellicose the lies

Reinforce the main course
with illusions that
destroy the discourse of sovereignty
& add to the confusion of poverty

I wanna sleep somber
in these dayz of divide & conquer

By now its obvious
I’m off my meds, off the rez
if you never agreed with what I
often said
you gonna have to off my head

Take the tense out my face
with a pistol from your waist

This brave man & his mind
is damn hard to seperate

GeT yOUr ISm'Z oN

Written By: MeeK

Sink your teeth in this

Every ism is a schism
to keep you complacent
Lets start with the most transparent
the collision of ignorance
& some kind of nationalistic
the fallacy of having a nationality
is a ism
that dehumanize like
when they use to call

Just one race, the human

But don’t let that ism determine your section
because for that there’s
the result of treatin’ money like religion

Act like you ain’t never prayed for some green
to keep rollin’ like a soccer ball
being played on the green

Actin’ ignorant like
you never noticed
the divide that came between
haves & have-not’s

You laugh
but they laugh not
filled with humility
but humor they ain’t got

One life means one shot
so I broke out the cage
just to be on stage
outta silence
I burst into a full-fledge rage

Engage in Activism
because it suits me,
so what if I anger
the carrot dangler,
shoot me!

I got recession resistant dollars
a scholar from the
“survive till 30 university�
with a PhD in recognizing
& the psychology of oppression
so for your misinformation
you can thank your local
radio & t.v. station
for broadcasting bullshit!

Now can I get a finger snap
if you overstand that
keeps us from runnin’ shit
“good ‘ol boy� network is so entrenched
& drenched in
its disgusting


Bring in
with some laughter
because in order for it to flourish
a certain demographic has to diminish
it’s a race the proletariat can’t finish
& even your mama can attest
to the wear & tear
because she been in it

Let me put it like this…

the mechanism
economic slavery

Don’t believe me?
Why you think Lincoln let the slaves free?
Was it to bring equality to the masses?
Or perhaps to have your ass paying taxes?

Tell me if I have it wrong

& we can sing in unison about the ism’z

Capitalism don’t give a fuck, truly
it be out cap’n men, women, and children
with no impunity

No regard for it’s bludged mentality
No esteem for freedom

While proletariats plead for a piece of the
proverbial pie

El Capitan Greed
only got smoke & mirrors to feed ‘em
but hey, that’s Capitalism, don’t wonder why
just have a seat & enjoy the Separatism

Daddy got a good job
but don’t hardly see his children

Monetary compensation is replacing parenting
essential elements of life is missing
sensibility has succumbed to the ism’z


Written By: MeeK

Baby be my strawberry
be my heaven,
be my hell

Fill me like wind does a sail
and push and propel
at the limits of patience
tug and twist at the soul connection
I need you to stretch it out real thin

Because in the thick of things
your essence is that of a true friend

I lost my heart in the continuum
of dumb
& hid my emotions with the arrogance
of a prince

Told my feelings that I’m not
feelin’ the flowers & candy
& convinced my conscience
that it’s nonsense

These fingertips don’t miss
your skin under them
these lips still don’t have a hint of
your kiss on them
these arms aren’t being held open embarrassed, waiting for your embrace

I can’t smell the mornings we woke up
side by side

There never was a time when
we were closer than
a cherry is to its stem
because neither of my eyes can remember
why we’re not together
& I’m lonely again

I didn’t cry when I wrote this

I just tried to keep it together
but the rainy weather wouldn’t let me

It’s adolescence to abuse love,
maturity is growing spiritually
From a bud to a blossom

Losing love is a harsh life lesson
the aftermath is a torment
of isolation,
of confusion,
of aggression

I got a bird that whistles
I got a bird that sings

Oh! It’s all in my mind
I take a blind man’s view from a balcony
overlooking the sea at sunset
when I’m forced to look back
& face regret
she’s a beauty I have to forget

Love is war
& you ain’t safe as a soldier
or a citizen

It’s a different set of rules
it’s not a plastic paradise
or a liquor store .25 candy sugar high

It’s the feelin’ you get from your favorite food
the emotion you sense from a
good mood

A turning point in life like
learning to tie your shoes

The language of love is like
living in the shadow
of the tower of Babel
to one with a bi-furcated tongue

You want I want
but what we wanted didn’t want us

You stood for trust
& I fell for lust
filled with misinformation
filled with lies about love
now how it feel to only see your face when
my eyes are shut is like
not being able to take flight during war
as a dove

Peace in a relationship is a compromise between
both involved
no mystery, crime solved
no if, and, or maybe
love is what makes this world revolve

And I ain’t write this just for any lady
it’s for a


So when you hear it Strawberry
I truly hope your
inexplicably happy

I got a bird that whistles
I got a bird that sings
but if I ain’t got my strawberry
I ain’t got a thing

How did we get to this?

I’m shaping clouds with my mind into lips
wishing for a big kiss

Knowing that then & now is forever retained in reminisce

Strawberry, I’m at the bridge ready to jump
I’m across town in some dump
tryna Kobain the pain with a pump
‘cuz my body is here goin’ fo’ self
but my heart is somewhere else
on slump

Forced to abandon my dignity
a casualty, a catastrophe
the epidemy of indignity
cast away on the beaches of stupidity
only to be rescued by humility
& later found on park bench under a newspaper that read
“Down goes the champ comma KO’d by a Strawberry”

We had a pretty boy but when he died
something went with him

I claim you as my hearts definition because
In plain view
I’m a walking withered rendition
of a man
but I demand an answer to one question
would he die for you?

What I told you was true
I’d rush through the gates of hell
& choke the red devil blue
to have another look at you

I mean,
I’ll make rain raise
consume sun rays
& reverse the waves
to be in your good grace

Strawberry, nobody could ever…
ever take your place


High Price to Pay LP, coming soon