Landon Band

Landon Band


Landon, the front woman of Landon Band is a musical & intellectual force to be reckoned with; possessed of a fine voice & gift for lyrical craftsmanship & pull no musical punches. The rhythms are rock steady & inventive, but the lyrics are emotionally honest to demand contemplative listening.


Landon, the spearhead of LB, is anything but soft-spoken. The fearless female dominates the stage with strong vocals and emotionally provocative performances. The band as a whole
delivers an aggressively dynamic live show without fluff. If comparisons need to be made, Chrissie Hynde comes to mind not b/c of
similar styles but because of powerful vocals contrasting the hard edge of rock-n-roll. If Trent and Shirley were to wrap up, landon Band would be the blood shed. With addictive melodies and aggravated drumbeats, diverse influences are uncovered from Sneakerpimps & NIN to Garbage. It is fresh and unexpected for an indie rock band. Landon’s lyric
Sensibilities are poetic and super intelligent. Addictive melodies. Tight live show. While the in your face presence of the band is
Undeniable, they maintain integrity and mystery to their untouchable style and sound.


"defying the stereotype". 2007 release.
available on itunes, cdbaby &

Set List

no covers.
up to 2 hours of rehearsed material