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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Superhopper, The Chambermaids, Rank Strangers, and Landspeeder at 7th Street Entry on 9/29/06"

"When a band is almost willfully messy on stage, it usually immediately turns me off. Which is why I was surprised to find myself really getting into Landspeeder about halfway into their first song. They were drinking shots of whiskey right there on stage and it looked like it might get worse but I found, firstly, their music endearing (a frothy mix of '90s underdogs Superchunk and '70s underdogs Television being played in the filthiest of garages) and secondly, I found a band I want to root for over the long haul. Their goofy antics (laughing through the lyrics, missing which song is about to be played next) seemed somehow perfect and did nothing to diminish my opinion of them.

They aren’t quite where they need to be, but given time they, hopefully, will iron out the kinks and become a force to be reckoned with."



We have two "real" albums. Cobras, Cows, and Courage (out in 2004), and "Whatever Pinnochio" which came out Oct 2009. You can hear us on Jango, and Twin Cities local radio.



Landspeeder itself has been at it for awhile. We all grew up in Northern Minnesota and quit school to move to Minneapolis to play. We have had off and on success, but came to a giant hault when the bass player committed suicide. A new lineup has been born and we've released to albums since (looking to release some old songs with the ex-bass player soon). We're three guys that like to get drunk and play loud music. It's all for the fun of it all. So if you want to see an "iron Ranger", a French man, and an Indian play some music, then come check Landspeeder out.