Three chord rock with a lot of energy. A cross between House of Large Size / Mudhoney / and Television. Excellent live shows.


Landspeeder itself has been at it for awhile. We all grew up in Northern Minnesota and quit school to move to Minneapolis to play. We have had off and on success, but came to a giant hault when the bass player committed suicide. A new lineup has been born and we've released to albums since (looking to release some old songs with the ex-bass player soon). We're three guys that like to get drunk and play loud music. It's all for the fun of it all. So if you want to see an "iron Ranger", a French man, and an Indian play some music, then come check Landspeeder out.


We have two "real" albums. Cobras, Cows, and Courage (out in 2004), and "Whatever Pinnochio" which came out Oct 2009. You can hear us on Jango, and Twin Cities local radio.

Set List

We normally play 30 to 45 minute sets. Our only cover is Crimson and Clover. Our set list from our last show is as follows: Bottlecaps and Glue Shoes, 24 Hands, 44-4-49, Copper, Monicker, Mic Jagger's Moustache, King of the Left Behinds, Pintos and Stallions, and Passenger Girl (in rotation on