„Roving Fiddler" Matthias Lincke takes the road along with his musical companions Christine Lauterburg, Dide Marfurt and Simon Dettwiler. They call themselves „Landstreichmusik“ („Band of Rovers“), a fellowship of innovative Swiss Folk musicians. Through intense touring in and around Switzerland they have developed an astonishing blend of Alpine Roots Music.


In 2010 violinist Matthias Lincke started out to take the road as „Giigämaa“, simply meaning „the Man with the Fiddle“ . In more than 150 concerts so far with different companions and guests, he achieved a thorough renewal of the ancient Swiss tradition of wandering minstrels and rediscovered Swiss fiddle music of centuries ago.
Among his regular companions in those years of intense touring were well known Swiss musicians, like Christine Lauterburg, Töbi Tobler, Markus Flückiger, Walter Lietha, Betty Legler and many more.
Now the fellowship around this restless „fiddler on the road“ cristallized in a group calling itself „Landstreichmusik“ („Band of Rovers“).
Every member oft the group is a musical vagrant in his own right.
Matthias Lincke and multi-instrumentalist Dide Marfurt (Cittern, Hurdy Gurdy, Bagpipes) build the core of the companionship.
A further important element of Swiss Trad is added by Simon Dettwiler.
He plays the Schwyzerörgeli, a special kind of Accordion, which is only played in Switzerland.
Christine Lauterburg, well-known for her mastership of Swiss Yodeling combined with her instrumental skills, ist the Queen among the members of this alpine „Band of Gypsies“.





Matthias Lincke, Landstriichmusig
October 2011, Narrenschiff Label: