Lane & Paul

Lane & Paul


Folk-rock music with classical instrumentation. As with food, it is most appreciated when tasted and not just eaten. This music is made to be listened to and not just heard.


Lane & Paul are a duo from Denton, TX that combine fluid, folk-based finger-picking styles on the acoustic guitar with neoclassical bass overtones reaching notes that most would consider out of the bass’ range to form a sound of originality in well-traversed genres. Lane & Paul have an original sound because of their ability to make organic music; that is, music that originates within one’s self, rather than the product of outside influences. The ‘organicity’ of Lane & Paul is apparent at times like the free-form climax in The Becoming, the screeching bass solo of The Truth, or the stylized vocalizations during the chorus of I Do Believe that sound more like noises made when stepping into a cold shower than actual lyrics. This ‘organicity’ is in full view throughout live performances, where the audience is able to witness the conjuration of human emotions expressed by the musical language of Lane & Paul (which could have been condemnable during the Salem Witch Trials). In turn, the audience becomes a group of self-aware listeners with one collective goal: to take in the intensity of Lane & Paul playing live.
It all started in the fall of 2007, when Lane & Paul were placed as random roommates in the dormitories of the University of North Texas. Within the room, they created a physical niche as well as musical niche and a common understanding of what good music sounds like. Their sound has grown from straight-forward folk-rock songs to have more dynamic, time-changing melodies due to their resistance of popular music culture today.


The Becoming

Written By: Lane Davis

What is in life?
What is in life?
When its all
Left behind
And you'll know
When time does cease
Because it will show
On the callous of your feet.
It's the becoming of who you.

Lake of Hypocrisy

Written By: Lane Davis

When my thoughts in the clouds bare a shadow of a doubt upon my straightened knees
I halt my stance in order to reprimand the morals of 'catch and release.'
For why would you try so hard to only go as far as a hobby that's just a tease.
And if the issue is pride, well then walk off in stride and let everything else just live free
Droop you eyes down and see
That you're fishing in the Lake of Hypocrisy
But the shore approaches slowly
As the skeptics port unknowingly
So just wait your turn, wait you turn
Just wait your turn; its what you'll learn
Use your voice to be heard and with your choice of words
Dictate your lack of defeat
From the ripens of age to the last of your days
There is more than one way to deceive
Because I know that you're not only one Botox shot
Away from being complete
Its about all that you have and how it makes me sad
That it's more than you'll ever need
So just droop your eyes down and see
That your fishing in the Lake of Hypocrisy
As the shore approaches slowly
Towards the land of Democracy

Livin' Free

Written By: Lane Davis

My condolences to your problems
They sound so dramatic
Well, I'd give you my two cents
But I misplaced them in my attic
And I ain't even gonna look cause every time I do I just get a little disappointed that I hadn't even tried to unpack it
But when I'm compared to another, I get some amount of gratitude that I can at least admit to myself that I have it
Because in a world that's so emphatically erratic it's too easy to get stuck in automatic
I need to get off the road and think for a while
If conditions are fair or unstable
But I don't care I'll start my own style
I ain't on trial
Anyone with a soul can climb aboard
You need no weapons, but I'll sharpen your sword
Well I only hope that I'm striking the right chord
Because here's the reward
No more caring about whatever it is pop culture tells you to be
Instead you're just livin' free


The Becoming EP - Self-Released

Set List

Our set lists vary in length depending on the show. We can play a half-hour set on a full bill or two full hours of original music to those who are willing to listen.