Lane Coker & Big Delta

Lane Coker & Big Delta


Blues, soul, rock, country, infectious grooves, seasoned musicians, energetic and moving originals.


With the superb coupling of traditional Blues with Blues Rock,
Lane Coker & Big Delta’s unparalleled blues style and unshakable enthusiasm promises to move the soul, as well as the feet.
In a time when “Live Music” means little more than garage bands and half-hearted musicians, Lane Coker & Big Delta rock the stage with their dynamic blues style, light-hearted humor and explosive chemistry.
Each member of Big Delta has refined their musical expertise through collegiate education, private study and many years of experience, but, Big Delta’s magic and mystique is found in the fusion of “mega talented” musicians and erupts with undeniable energy when they take the stage.
Big Delta was formed in early 2005 by singer/songwriter/guitarist,
Lane Coker, and the band has achieved great success in capturing an ever increasing following through playing city sponsored events, charitable benefits and state wide live music venues.
In 2008, Lane Coker and Big Delta released a 6 song E. P., as a prelude to the full length CD of the same title, “Try To Fool The Blues“.
If the reaction of their audiences is any indication of Big Delta’s increasing popularity, 2009 promises to be an exciting and rewarding year for the band.
Big Delta brings a powerful renewal of authenticity to the world of Blues. Through astounding vocal, guitar, keyboard, and bass styling, flawless drumming, and a perfectly chosen song selection including energized, originals like: Try To Fool The Blues, Dirty Little Lies, as well as soulful and melodic originals, A Love She Gives Another, and Down On Me,
Lane Coker & Big Delta, is a rare gem.

J. L. Fisher


Try To Fool The Blues

Written By: Lane Steven Coker

Try To Fool The Blues
(L. Coker)

Listen to me Darlin‘--You know I always tell the truth
Believe me when I say--When I don’t it’s hard to prove

It’s the same old story--Someday I’m bound to lose
It’s a game of chance I play and---Try to fool the blues

My life is like the dice---I seem to roll, and always pay
The thrill is like a prison---I just live from day to day

It’s the same old story---Someday I’m bound to lose
It’s a game of chance I play and---Try to fool the blues

I had a girl who once loved me
She had the sweetest smiling eyes
She never saw things my way
So I left her love-at sunrise

I could rethink and I rearrange
I could stop it all and just walk away
I could be a modest man
I could just remain-Who I am

Listen to me people---Heed every word I speak
Livin’ free can make you wreckless
Livin’ wreck less makes you weak

It’s the same old story--Someday I’m bound to lose
It’s a game of chance I play and--Try to fool the blues


Debut E.P. "Try To Fool The Blues" available for sle or download at or
Songs, "I'll Never Be, "Try to Fool The Blues", "Down On Me" are currently in rotation, at radio stations in Sacramento, Folsom, Reno/Tahoe, Las Vegas.

Set List

L.C. & Big Delta, play many originals, and add many blues and soulful rockin' standards to each set.
Covered artists include: B.B. King, Freddie King, SRV, Elvin Bishop and Jimmy Hall, T-Bone Walker, Fabulous Thunderbirds, Roomful Of Blues, and many more.
Set list available upon request.

Typical venue or private event performance can be as long as 4 hours with 4/45 minute sets.

A single Festival set can be as long as 1.5 hours.

Of course all set times and lengths are negotiable.