Lane Ray

Lane Ray

 Roswell, Georgia, USA

A voice unlike any and a lyrical approach that resonates positive energy from dark experiences. Truly original and truly humbled.


Lane has mainly toured as a solo artist opening for artist such as Alanis Morrisette, Tori Amos, Ben Harper, CandleBox Etc.. he has had placements in TV shows and film but for the most part has worked small venues with piano and guitar in hand. If you were to listen to him play live you might think of artists that he reminds you of and you might detect subtle influences, but would likely be surprised as to who his actual influences were. He sings well enough to get you feelng and plays well enough to amuse himself, When he performs he truly relives the music and you get a sense that he means every word of what he is singing, which is why he dosn't use set lists and won't often do requests. Ray Lane is raw emotion tuned to conscious self awareness and when he sings he emotes a powerful energy that is felt from the first note to the last of every song.


Heart shaped Hole

Written By: Ray Lane

For all we know
everythings part of the whole
the earth the sky a soul
i hold here a heart shaped hole

on my shoulder
on my shoulder
asking why

I'm living in a heart shaped hole

We say who we are
hopes and dreams shine in a jar
we hate we love we breathe
this heart shape holds me

On my shoulder
on my shoulder
asking why


Written By: Lane

So you got it
what you wanted
everything til nothings left in me
dreams are haunting
still im wanting
i'd do anything to be with you

Im Broken

Take what you need to
as i bleed through
and stain the memories
that were never true
you say you know me
but you never showed me
just what was on the otherside
of you

Im Broken

Fly skywriter
i'm a radio wave