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Brooklyn, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Brooklyn, NY | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Solo Pop Electronic




"Laney Lynx: Getaway"

Hey there! Please introduce yourself. Where do you currently live – and how is the music scene out there?

Hey hey! My name is Laney and I’m based in Brooklyn, NY.
The music scene over here is gritty, real and there are so many pockets of insanely talented musicians and artists of all kinds. It’s a chaotic and magical place to be. I love it.

At what age did you realize you wanted to be a musician? Which bands and artists were you, or are you currently influenced by? Have those influences changed much as you've gotten older?
There wasn’t really a specific age or defining moment I suddenly realized I wanted to pursue music, but music is something that has constantly resonated with me— specifically the act of singing is what ignited the passion. In elementary school I became so intrigued by manipulating the sound of my voice and I began jokingly impersonating Cher’s “Believe” and any Britney Spears song off the “…Baby One More Time” cassette. Nowadays my influences vary wildly. I’ve recently been listening to female alt-rock like Haim’s new album or music from Muna. I’m also into alternative r&b, ambient stuff, singer-songwriter, anything funky, and I’ll listen to whatever is playing on the radio.

What do you enjoy most about your artistry? I.E. Creating music, the process, the fame, the recognition, co-writing? Etc.
The entire process. From conceptualizing a song to writing it, recording it, playing it live and watching other people get into it. There’s not a better feeling in the world.

Who or what most inspires your song-writing?
Friends, family, past loves, coming-of age, my hometown, life growing up, traveling, New York City

Tell me a little about your new release. Is there a story behind the title?
My single, ’Getaway’ from the forthcoming ‘Getaway EP’ is about recognizing the beauty and spontaneity of a seemingly mundane reality.
The production, by Drew Ofthe Drew is a fusion of harmonies and soundscapes to give the track that lush end-of-summertime nostalgic feel.

What are your upcoming tour/performance plans?
I’m planning on performing along the East Coast, in Boston and in NYC with both full band and acoustic setups. I always announce new show bookings on my socials and keep my website up to date.

Which band or artists (living or dead) would you most like to perform with and why?
Whitney Houston. Because, Whitney Houston.

How much do you let critics affect your music? Do you find it hard to focus on the positive side of things, and if so – how do you keep yourself motivated to keep going?
Everyone is always going to have an opinion, good or bad- it used to bother me when people I looked up to would criticize my ideas or my voice but criticism doesn’t bother me anymore. If I like something, I like it! I don’t care if the sound, look, idea or whatever is trending or not.

How important do you feel social media is in your career? Do you enjoy it? Please expand upon your opinions, and what you’ve learned while making music in 2017.
Social media has definitely been proven to be important for emerging artists to reach new audiences. Luckily, I do like social media— it’s a fun way to share what’s going on in the day-to-day, celebrate the little wins in life and connect with others on a more personal level.

What else does the year have in store for you?
The release of the ‘Getaway EP’, a merchandising partnership, collaborations, co-writes and gigs on gigs. The rest of this year will be a busy, but rewarding one.

Finally, where would you like to see yourself five years from now and what's your ultimate ambition as an artist?
My ultimate ambition is to see some sort of “success” with my artistic endeavors…however, I haven’t quite defined what “success” means to me, yet.
I like the idea of making 5 year plans, but at this point I’ve realized how quickly plans can change at any moment. For now, I’m just riding the wave. - The Silent Sounds

"Laney Lynx- Love Sick (prod. by Chris Leon)"

Vibrant sweet and energetic Charm, artist to watch for Laney Lynx brings expressive music with invoking power vocals with ingredients of soul. Lynx delivers honest and heartfelt catchy hooks and melodies exploring of love, lust, loss and endless possibilities in her newest collaboration with DJ/producer Chris Leon entitled “Love Sick.” Leon’s electro-pop foundation, coupled with Lynx’s groovy vocals make for the perfect weekend pick-me-up. Be sure to check out Laney Lynx’s most recent EP, “Naked Heart” and be on the lookout for more music from Lynx as 2015 carries on. Enjoy! - See more at: - Daily Beat

"New Hot Pop Alert: Melanie Lynx 'Naked Heart' [Exclusive]"

Melanie Lynx is one of those rare new talents who has the uncanny ability to bounce between heartfelt balladry and uplifting pop with great ease. Her new EP, titled "Naked Heart," perfectly shows off her finely-tuned pop sensibilities and knack for writing incredibly hooky tunes that makes her an exciting new artist to keep your eye (and ear) on this year.

One of the EP's highlights is the very personal title track on which Lynx speaks her truth and bares her soul. "Imma take off my jeans/Off my shirt," she sings on the touching song that may get her compared to Katy Perry. "Let me show you where I hide my scars/Let me show you my naked heart."

She writes me in an email that "Naked Heart" carries a very special meaning. "[It] is a song I could listen to on repeat. I connect with it so deeply. really speaks of finally revealing the hurt of a dysfunctional relationship. It's raw real, and was by far the most emotional song to record, which is why I made it the title of the EP."

Lynx brings out the good times on the equally well-crafted "Perfectly Flawed" with lyrics like, "Let's sit on the roof to forget our trouble/Watching the people go by/Something about the way they keep on going/Holding on is not an easy ride."

The singer says about the song, "We all make mistakes, no question there. Perfectly is about accepting ourselves the way we are - all faults and flaws included. I love playing this one live - everyone always gets up and dances! I am certainly Perfectly Flawed, and am definitely OK with that!"

Born and raised in a small Rhode Island town, Melanie Lynx became passionate about both singing and performance at a young age. This early performance craft was perfected until she was accepted into the prestigious Berklee College of Music as a vocalist. Now, at just 21 years old, Melanie’s performance skills have earned her countless competition victories on both a local and national scale. A few of these accomplishments include her participation in Hollywood Week on Fox's American Idol (she made it to Hollywood rounds on season 10).

Download Melanie Lynx 'Naked Heart' EP on iTunes on March 1 (and we highly recommend that you do! Five out of five stars.)

Read more at - Arjan Writes (Official Blogger for the Grammy's)

"Melanie Lynx's 'Naked Heart' Tour and Milkbread: A Firehouse 13 Delicacy"

Good vibes and catchy tunes traveled throughout Firehouse 13 on Friday night, as featured artists Melanie Lynx and Milk Bread along with openers Safari and Rich Ferri rocked the stage. Each band with it’s own unique sound, music appreciators could enjoy the powerful voice of Melanie Lynx or the soulful tunes of Milk Bread’s seven-man jazz band.
After indulging in a Firehouse 13 $1 pretzels from the bar (seriously), it was time to get back to business. I caught up with Melanie Lynx, Rhode Island native and former American Idol contestant, to gain some insight on her musical inspiration:

How does it feel to be back in your home state?
It feels amazing! The energy was great, too. This is the largest turnout we’ve had. It is a great feeling to be able to look around a room and see people who have supported you from the beginning and new faces from people who are equally as supportive.
Tell me about your time on American Idol?
Well, I auditioned two years ago and made it to the top 60 finalists. It was great! Steven Tyler took a liking to me because of my alternative sound. Altogether, American Idol was a great learning experience. It was that experience that pushed me to pursue my own music career, and here we are now – on tour!
Where do you find inspiration?
Music was always something I really wanted to do, but what really inspires me is a combination of the people I am surrounded by, the places I go, and the life situations I experience. Another inspiration is the support of my parents. They come from a completely non-musical background, but have been fully supportive and that really is amazing.

Lynx is a graduating senior at Berklee College of Music, and has embarked on a Northeastern tour for her newest album, “Naked Heart.” Her sound is a mix of Katy Perry and Jessie J – which explained Lynx’s suiting cover.
For the rest of the night, the audience jammed out to Milk Bread as they performed singles from their first full-length album, currently on a funding campaign for distribution. The band provided free copies of the album, alongside other merchandise. In fact, Milk Bread encouraged the audience to take a free copy, declaring, “Good music should be free!”

The energy of the audience, the intimate venue, and the eclectic musical acts produced a highly enjoyable event. Check out more about artists Melanie Lynx and Milk Bread for more information on upcoming projects and dates. For more information about Firehouse 13 events, check out the their website here.

The dimSocialite - Motif Magazine

"EXCLUSIVE: Melanie Lynx at NYC's Bitter End-Talks Schools, Music, Fashion, and Relationships"

It was 8pm, 17 degrees and wind speeds of about 15mph yet nothing could stop American Idol Season 10 contestant Melanie Lynx from showing up to NYC’s The Bitter End nightclub in Greenwich Village to perform. The talented singer began her journey in Boston and then arrived at the Providence bus stop in NYC, “freezing, no hat, no gloves, just a lone scarf wrapped around my entire body” she said. Once she arrived, it didn’t take her long to warm up. The 20 year-old belted out her songs “I Spy”, “Naked Heart”, “Perfectly Flawed” and my favorite “First Time”. She also sang a few cover songs, one being Jessie J’s “Momma Knows Best”. After her performance, we danced on the side, sang along with other performers, and then had a little girl talk. Check it out.

Aja: You shut it down tonight! How would you describe your sound?
Melanie: Thank you! I say my sound is more pop with a rock band, it makes the boys feel better.

Aja: Who are some people you grew up listening to?
Melanie: People like Pink and Cher.

Aja: A lot of college students are returning to school from break, how do you manage your music career and being in school?
Melanie: Ah man it’s tough! I’m in my last semester at Berklee College of Music. School kind of gets put on the back burner. I have good grades though. At least I study something that interests me so it’s not as bad.

Aja: Valentine’s Day is coming up, any plans for the holiday?
Melanie: Ha! Probably a show or something, but… well I’m single and ready to mingle (playfully calls out to older man walking past us)

Aja: If you could choose any celeb to be your valentine who would it be?
Melanie: Oh! Ryan Gosling or Zac Efron!

Aja: What’s the worst Valentine’s Day gift you have ever received?
Melanie: Chocolate.

Aja: Get out of here, chocolate!?
Melanie: Yes, it’s too addictive! I get fat when I eat chocolate, like seriously.

Aja: Indeed chocolate can be very addictive. Speaking of weight gain do you workout?
Melanie: Um well I run. I don’t like go to the gym or anything but yeah I run so I guess that’s some type of working out I guess.

Aja: What’s your best memory from “American Idol”?
Melanie: Honestly, the entire experience was so much fun, staying in the hotel with the other contestants. And that was my first time going away by myself, like I had never been to Cali before.

Aja: Are you in tune with the new season of “American Idol”?
Melanie: Actually I am a little. A friend of mine auditioned and got a golden ticket. She was actually in the hotel with me when we got in trouble the year I was on (laughs).

Aja: Before we wrap this up you have to share what you are wearing.
Melanie: Girl this dress is from JC Penny’s. I found it in the clearance section, it was like $20.

Aja:Where are some of your favorite places to shop?
Melanie: I love shoes, so mainly shoe stores. I love stores like Journeys and Pac Sun.

Aja: Awesome, so what’s next for Melanie?
Melanie: I’m definitely excited about my debut EP. Look out for that March 1st , and I’mm also going on tour, well a small tour going to like Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New York, Jersey… you should come. Hit me up I’ll get you in free! - Teen Diaries

"Her Campus: Melanie Lynx's "First Time" Review and Interview"

Her Campus Tufts was lucky to sit down with up and coming pop rock artist Melanie Lynx for an interview. A Rhode Island native, Melanie went to school at Berklee in Boston. She has recently released a new music video for her single “First Time”. Melanie has also provided our readers with a free download link for the song which is posted at the end of the interview.

Melanie pulls in the listener instantly with her raspy voice and staccato-like pronunciation of the first words. It’s instantly easy to sing along. Once the instrumentals and chorus come in, the appeal of the song increases. In a style similar to Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” and Demi Lovato’s “Give Your Heart A Break” (which Melanie covered), Melanie roots her pop love song with more of a rock-n-roll sounding vocal. The whole song is extremely relatable as Melanie croons about one experience with love making you rocket back to the first time you felt in love. The ‘woah-oh’s that come in at the bridge have an anthematic, sing-a-long vibe that you’ll have fun singing into your hairbrush at the top of your lungs. Overall, this song is one that will certainly be stuck in your mind after just the first listen. Melanie’s vocals and harmonies have a new, unique sound. The strength and power behind her voice show that this is certainly not the last time we’ll hear from her and that she’s going far.

Even though summer is fading away, watching Melanie’s video is a four-minute trip straight back to the carefree days on the beach. Her huge smile is contagious and leaves the viewer smiling and dancing along with Melanie and her friends. The spontaneity that is “summer love” is encompassed perfectly in the laughter and fun taking place through all of the adventures Melanie and her friends go on. For a music video for an upcoming artist, it’s extremely promising. Since this music video is already one that will leave you pressing repeat again and again, it’ll be exciting to see what comes next. Continue reading below for the interview with Melanie where she talks about inspiration, living in Boston, “First Time”, and more!

Where do you draw most of your inspiration for your music from? Was the inspiration for “First Time” the same?
“First Time” is a feel-good, summer song, all about re-experiencing the excitement of falling in love. Like all of my songs, I've drawn from personal experiences to complete the lyrics and music. When I was writing “First Time,” I was feeling a really great connection with a guy I was hanging with. We've been good friends for a while and because I'm not a very confrontational person I wrote this song instead of telling him how I felt. He still doesn't know the song is about him!

What was it like filming this music video? What was the idea behind it?
The music video was filmed in Jamestown, Rhode Island and it was such a fun time!! I wanted to stay as true as possible to the original meaning of the song, so most of the video involves a group of friends hanging out and in that group of friends is the boy I’m crushing on. I don’t want to give anything away, but the video includes graffiti, “Chinese fire drills,” and sparklers!

Has attending school and living in Boston had any impact on your music?
Yes! Living in Boston I’ve been exposed to so many different styles of music that the inspiration behind my own music is constantly evolving and it has made me ten times more creative! When did you first get into music?Around age four, I started singing Disney songs and musical theater around the house and a few years later I received my first two albums on cassette tape, Britney Spears’s “…Baby One More Time” Album and Cher’s “Believe” Album. After that, I was hooked on music!

Where do you see your musical endeavors going in the future? What do you hope to achieve?
What I want to do the most is go on tour around the country and eventually the world! Playing music festivals and coming out with several albums would be amazing!

If you could describe your music in one word what would it be and why?
Honest. All of my songs are about real experiences; they are basically something you would read straight out of a diary!

Lastly, if you could say anything to our readers and your fans, what would it be?
Live every day genuinely and openly. Do what you love because you love it and don’t give a s**t about what other people think. - Her Campus- Tufts

"Perez Hilton- 'Starships' Cover Contest Melanie Lynx"

Melanie Lynx takes it to the streets - literally! Loved the swagger! Check out her cover below! - Perez Hilton

"Melanie Lynx is Perfectly Flawed"

American Idol finalist and independent pop recording artist, Melanie Lynx, reminds us why it is okay to make poor decisions in her second official video, “Perfectly Flawed.” Just a few days away from the premiere, “Perfectly Flawed” aims to inspire an inner confidence to the perfectionists of the world. Lynx took time off from her Naked Heart tour to chat with me about the meaning behind her newest single, and what it means to be perfectly flawed.
TC: Tell us what makes “Perfectly Flawed” different from the other songs on your EP, Naked Heart, and why we should stay tuned for the official video premiere.
ML: “Perfectly Flawed” is upbeat, as opposed to some of the other songs on Naked Heart. It embodies the sounds of the summertime – the electric guitar, for example. The video is really fun, too. It’s more mature and plays on a lot of the retro summertime trends you see in pictures and videos.
This song is meant for people who may be insecure… about anything. There are a lot of people who doubt themselves for not doing something perfectly. This song is supposed to tell you that, yes; it is okay to make mistakes, poor decisions and bad choices sometimes. We learn from those experiences. Experience is what makes us human. It’s what makes each of us so beautiful. You wouldn’t be who you are without it.
TC: Describe your experience from being on set at your first official video, “First Time” to your most recent, “Perfectly Flawed.”
ML: This time was a lot easier. I could pick up on the subtleties of how things worked. I felt much more comfortable under the light the second time. I feel like you can tell, too. In fact, some of my friends gave me similar feedback. Apparently I looked more natural in front of the camera this time around!
TC: Tell us about an instance when you embraced being perfectly flawed.
ML: I will always second-guess everything I write; but at some point you have to accept what your writing down and just own it. Continuously rewriting to perfection doesn’t accomplish much. The message behind “Perfectly Flawed” is about actually embracing your imperfections. When I write, it comes from personal experience. So, what you get is what you get.
TC: What is the hardest part about being Melanie Lynx. What is the most rewarding?
ML: Melanie Lynx is independent pop – which I know is ironic. From booking gigs to production, I do everything myself. Not going through a label is confusing and risky, but exciting and extremely worth it. I can stay true to my own voice.
The hardest part is when people tell me my music is too pop. It’s tough when the indie scene says you’re too main stream, and you are still trying to break into pop music genre. It’s never in vain, because it’s really awesome when people come to the live shows are surprised at how much it rocked!
I’ve had people thank me for getting them through a hard time, and that’s amazing to hear. It’s a really special feeling I can’t describe. No matter how rocky the road gets, I can’t stop. I would not be able to do anything else, so I’m here… now and forever.
Lynx will debut the official music video for her newest single, “Perfectly Flawed,” this Tuesday, July 30th on Facebook. You can also listen to her EP Naked Heart at or follow her on Twitter and Instagram for an inside look at life on the Naked Heart tour.
Sincerely, dimSocialite
- Motif Magazine

"Love Twenty: Exclusive Interview with Melanie Lynx!"

If you haven’t heard of Melanie Lynx, that’s about to change. Melanie, who made it onto Season 10 of American Idol and has performed at more than 350 shows as the lead singer of New England’s premier wedding band, just released a new track and music video that you’re not going to be able to get out of your head.

L20: How did you get your start as a performer?

ML: I started singing when I was four years old. At first it was just a hobby–I would pretend I was a Disney princess and sing Disney songs in local talent shows. But as I got older I started spending all of my free time focusing on practicing singing, performing, writing music. By the time I was 13, I competed throughout New England in a crazy amount of singing competitions, and that’s when I realized performing is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

L20: Tell us about your experience on American Idol!

ML: American Idol was really cool! It was my first time ever traveling to the West coast and I absolutely loved it out there. Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler were the judges that season and they were surprisingly really down to earth. If I could I would absolutely do it again!

L20: You’ve performed in some very prestigious places, including both Carnegie Hall and the Apollo Theater. What was that like?

ML: It was definitely intimidating. So many legendary performers have played at both these venues and I was so honored to have been able to sing there.

L20: You have a new single out! Tell us about “First Time” and what your first time being in love was like.

ML: ”First Time” was inspired by a really great connection I was feeling with a guy I was hanging out with. We’ve been good friends for a while and because I’m not a very confrontational person, I wrote this song instead of telling him how I felt. He still doesn’t know it’s about him! My first time being in love was in high school. Naturally, it’s one of the greatest feelings in the world!

L20: Have you had any super embarrassing moments on stage?

ML: Yes! Around this time last year, I was singing at a party where toward the end of the night everyone and all the band members were randomly wearing fake mustaches. My mustache started to fall off while I was singing and I totally inhaled it! After the show, everyone was wondering where I went and the band responded, “She went to the bathroom… she swallowed the mustache.” So embarrassing!

L20: What has your favorite moment of your career been so far?

ML: My favorite moment is what’s currently happening. The release of my debut single and upcoming EP is a huge breath of fresh air and it makes me more happy than ever before to be creatively expressing myself through my music. Sometimes I’m so excited about writing new music that I can’t even sleep at night!

L20: Do you have any advice for other twenty-somethings hoping to break into the music business?

ML: This is cliché, but so true. Don’t. Give. Up. Persistence is key.

L20: What can we expect to see from you in the future?

ML: In the near future, you’ll be able to hear my debut EP! It’s going to be dope! 5 tracks. All feel-good. All fun. I’ll also be playing a ton of shows at different venues so look out for the tour schedule!

Love Melanie as much as we do? Get a free download of “First Time,” say hey on Facebook and Twitter, and don’t forget to check out her YouTube! - Love Twenty Magazine

"Warped Tour 2014 with Melanie Lynx"

Among the many bands and artists to take the stage at Warped Tour this year were some Conquer veterans. Fresh off the stage of the American Airlines Arena in a performance before 25,000 people, Melanie Lynx sees no boundaries in her future. Taking on the Shiragirl Stage at Warped Tour she couldn’t be any less excited about the whole experience. See what she had to say about the tour and the stage that’s putting rocking women on the music map!

1. It was great to have you take the stage at Warped Tour this year. Tell us about that experience. Was it everything you expected? And can we expect to see you at Warped Tour in the future?
My Warped experience was IN-CRED-I-BLE. I had the time of my life, met some amazing people, had some really magical moments on stage, and can now say I PLAYED WARPED TOUR. I look forward to playing Warped in the future for sure.

2. What does the Shiragirl Stage represent to you as a female artist?
Through my experiences I’ve found that a lot of female artists are often underestimated and let me tell you… there is nothing better than seeing a confident, beautiful and badass female up on stage performing with her band. This year at Warped- amongst all the dude bands- I think it was fucking cool how the Shiragirl Stage featured badass female artists and just how hard they can rock.

3. As a dedicated Conquer Entertainment artist what wise words would you pass on to the artists who are recently joining or contemplating the decision?
Conquer has opened up doors to me I don’t think I would have ever accessed otherwise at this early in my career. They’ve provided me with my own Certified Artist Developer, teams of supporters, and opportunities that have helped in countless ways to give my career a kick start. I’ve played arenas multiple times with 25,000 people, at famous venues and now at Warped Tour. I couldn’t be more grateful.

4. Tell us about your most memorable performance. What makes it so memorable and what did you take from that experience?
I have had a ton of performances that have been memorable all for different reasons. I mostly remember the ones where the crowd was super interactive—they’re attention tells me I’m doing my job right.

- See more at: - Conquer Entertainment Blog

"Premiere: The Maxwells Shoot Music Video for "Getaway" by Laney Lynx"

Photographer Ruby June and husband Philip Maxwell teamed up with electronica pop artist Laney Lynx to create this lovely Lomo-esque music video for her new song "Getaway" that has us dreaming of summertime. We chatted with Laney and Ruby about the creative process and making music and visuals act as one. Check out the video below!

Can you both tell us about your current projects?

LANEY: Primarily, I'm working on the release plans for my debut EP produced by Brooklyn-based producer, Drew Ofthe Drew. The song content is about past loves and coming of age with soundscapes of harmonies and electronic lushness to match. I'm crazy excited for the world to hear it!

RUBY: This film is actually the first of a series of music videos & narrative films that I’ve been working on! I’ve been working on my first feature film which is really exciting.

How did you get into music?

LANEY: The act of singing is what initially ignited my passion for music. I used to be obsessed with manipulating my voice to sound like my at-the-time idols who were Cher and Britney Spears from the "...Baby One More Time" era. Later on, music was my healer, my outlet of expression and is now part of my identity.

What inspired the song "Getaway"?

LANEY: "Getaway" is inspired by my days growing up living a fairly sheltered life in the suburbs of a Rhode Island town when music was my escape from the ordinary. But now that I've grown and moved to the city, I look back with adoration at the simplicity of the days I once wanted to escape. "Getaway" is about recognizing the beauty and spontaneity of an otherwise seemingly mundane reality and making the effort to cherish the "here and now" as though "every day's a holiday."

This video is very different from the type of projects you normally work on. What was that process like for you?

RUBY: I’ve been directing, shooting & creating films for a while. There’s something special about listening to someone's idea, really soaking it in and then helping them create exactly what was in their head. This story, while perhaps less avant-garde compared to my usual work-was no exception!

The one component that was different in this project is that my husband, Philip, and I actually made this film entirely together! We took turns directing and shooting and brainstorming ideas. It’s really incredible having someone like him to work with because I trust him and respect his ideas.

In the past, I had a hard time giving up that creative control. I used to wish I could clone myself and hire my clones to help me, but working with Philip is way better than any number of Ruby clones. His brain excels in areas mine doesn’t and we really compliment each other and make a great team.

Were there any challenges you faced while creating this video?

RUBY: I don’t want to sound aloof, but the video was smooth sailing through and through! I’ve noticed that when I work with artists on music videos they often come into the project with an expectation that a million things always go wrong shooting music videos and they think it will be the most stressful/painful day of shooting. It never ends up that way!

Before every project (video, photoshoot, whatever it might be) I always pray with everyone — for the day, for the shoot, for our lives, for an end product better than any of us dreamed of. Occasionally I’ll forget to pray first thing in the morning and I’m always reminded fairly quickly because things start to turn to shambles and we have to stop everything to pray. Immediately you feel the stress melt and peace enter the room.

Shooting a film is, of course, exhausting, but in general, the day really was as fun as it looks in the video! How many people get to spend time with people they love, eating cake, swimming, and dancing on the beach and consider that “just another day at the office…”? We feel beyond blessed to be working on these projects with incredible artists we admire.

If you could take a getaway to one place, where would you go?

LANEY: If I were to go anywhere on a real getaway it would be so hard to decide but it would be amazing to travel to Tokyo!

RUBY: It’s funny Laney said that because I’d have to agree. I really want to go to Japan, it’s top on the list and has been calling my name for quite some time now!

Check out more of Laney's music on her website and Spotify, and follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. To see more of Ruby's work, visit her website and follow her on Instagram. You can see more of Philip's work on his Instagram. - Lomography Magazine


Love Sick (Drew Ofthe Drew Remix)-Remix (July 2016)
Body Paint- Single (October 2015)
Love Sick- Single (July 2015)



Brooklyn based artist Laney Lynx injects first loves, heartbreak, and nostalgia into feel-good, downtempo dance music. Fusing lush harmonies and funky bass lines with refreshing pop hooks, the forthcoming 'Getaway EP' makes its way to speakers this fall. 

Lynx's music video for 'Love Sick' released May 2016 was the winner of MTV network's competition receiving permanent rotation on their program "mtvU: The Freshmen." The music video also attracted attention across the video programming spectrum on national and regional cable, on-demand, retail pools, and content providers alongside Troy Sivan's "Youth" and Alessia Cara's "Wild Things." (April 2016)

Laney Lynx has performed at music series and at notable events including Sofar Sounds (2017), CMJ Music Festival (2016/2015), "The Family Reunion" Acoustic Series (2017/2016), the Jenna Wolfe Show (2016), "Almost Famous" on 95.9fm (2016), and as an indie pop feature at the Van's Warped Tour 2014 on the female-fronted ShiraGirl stage.

Band Members