Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Genre-defying chamber pop + pixie rap + indie art rock

"...rarely are we treated to an act so unique and cutting edge.
-24Hours Magazine (Vancouver)

"It's a colourful contrast, but one that has morphed into a setting that's more a lively painting than a basic rainbow." -Exclaim Magazine (Canada)


With its genre-defying qualities, Vancouver’s Language-Arts’ sophomore release “Where Were You in the Wild?” is expected to turn ears to a new side to indie rock; celebrating obscurities and word entanglements with poetic poise, paired with an alt-rock foundation yet fleshed out with classical instrumentation. Confused? Don’t be- it all comes about very naturally, aided in part by Cudmore’s vast reserve of words and ideas, delivered with a “clarion-like voice”.

“Where Were You in the Wild?” is Language-Arts’ full length follow up to 2007’s self titled debut as well as their now out of print 2008 teaser EP “Small Run” While charting well on Canadian campus and community radio, Language-Arts have toured extensively around the west coast and across Canada, appearing on stages with artists such as Xavier Rudd, Portable Payback (Jurassic 5), You Say Party! and Bend Sinister. The band has appeared at festivals such as TD Atlantic Jazz festival, Halifax Pop Explosion, Sled Island, CMW, Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival and NXNE. Publications like Exclaim!, Now Magazine, The Chronicle Herald and the Vancouver Sun have been praising Language-Arts for their niche sound while they were spinning on stations like CBC Radio 3 and topping the charts at #26 on Earshot's monthly poll of Canada's campus and community radio stations.

Songwriter Kristen Cudmore originally hails form Nova Scotia; an ode to her home province is a common subtext to many of the songs. Sitting somewhere between Suzanne Vega, Regina Spektor, Stereolab and Buck 65, Language-Arts delve into images steeped with secrets both deep and dark that feature sophisticated arrangements and artisan song crafting. Cudmore's classical guitar blends beautifully with the double bass and the occasional string quartet. The songs themselves range from beckoning choruses with bright hooks to meandering, lyrical sagas. It's no secret that many of these songs began as dreams- insights poke out with subtle nuances, sparkling and inquisitive. "If all there was to eat was candy, which would be the most healthy? ..and would we even bother, filling the cavity?"



Written By: Kristen Cudmore aka. Language-Arts

Did you know most things are microwavable?
Have a fine time on the frontier dunging out the stable

Could I be your hive?

Open up!

You wanted the sheets to dry, didn't you?
Or am I the only one on the clothesline that the wind carries through?
Don't get your back up, don't get your back around
Depending on yourself, never ever ever let you down

Open up!

Will what said have impact or portray?
What does higher management have to say?

Centipedes crawling all over these memories
Wash it away with Slurpees!
If all there was to eat, was candy
Which would be the most healthy and can we
Survive very long in this land, see
If we'd even bother filling the cavity

Where Were You in the Wild?

Written By: Kristen Cudmore aka. Language-Arts

Where were you?
In the wild...
Where were you in the wild?
Where were you?
In the wild...

It isn't Tobasco because it isn't in you
Hello patriotic patrons made of neutrons and glue
Are you a product of your parents or a product of your past?
Who licensed you to carry your own mass?
It isn't the Sasquatch with the comb over smug
Are you the type to sweep it under the rug?
Who's entitled to this backstage access?
Which bills have been passed since paying our taxes?
You can have your Rice Dream in your ignorant igloo
I'll be sure not to bother you!

What a silly life to have lead

If you want to wear circus t-shirts and watch sequenced scene-sters that's alright by me
If you swing a baseball bat at the bats in the attic, I'll go out for a tea
If you want to cut your wages and cut your losses, I'll go out and cut my hair
If you want to reorganize the words on the computer screen, I'll see you next year

What a silly life to have lead...

I'll swing the hatchet at those shrubs that cause havoc
And I'll never know if this day would come of if it existed
If I knew I'd run into you, I'd at least bring some balloons
I'd try to see the colours that I never knew
And I'd take on this habitat and find looseleaf to draw
I'd bury my seedlings and hold my body parts tall
To have to have and not give back

I have enough friendship bracelets anyway...

Where were you in the wild?
Where were you?
In the wild...
Where were you in the wild?

White Socks in Birkenstocks

Written By: Kristen Cudmore

Do you even know
What that smirk on the sidewalk said
As you pretend to give the change in your pocket
Like a sock-filled head

You grow your own organics
For your sister's kids
Constantly climbing the tea tree
You'll have on display at Christmas

Do you have a spiritual leader
Do you even know what that tattoo means
Covered in Chinese cursive
From your ankles to your knees

You're giving therapy
But what you tell they don't know at all
Who knew you'd invested the money
Into thickening the wall

And then you have to think
'Let's face it'
You don't know what you've got
Let's bring back it the basics
Like white socks in Birkenstocks

She says she loves him
But she doesn't like what he bought
His hair's too long, his arms are too short
And he smokes too much pot

We all know what the right thing to do is
No need to ask a pharmacist
Set the table and prepare yourself
A complete and nutritious breakfast

And then you have to think, "Let's face it
You don't know what you've got,
Just bring it back to the basics like
White socks in Birkenstocks."

When I am looking down at all of this
What of it really matters?
Call me an anthropologist

Tuck it in

Written By: Kristen Cudmore

Let's sing about the things that we see when we sleep and how they feel real

This theme is narrative
The story can't quite deliver
Something to bury it
Stuck in me like a sliver
So small but so deep
She can't quite deal with the heap
Of the nonsense filling her head
It seems like only last week
Was the flower in her tummy
It grew
Not fully maternal but to her
It's no longer personal
Tuck tuck tuck it in
It will be OK after the lullaby
Fluff the pillow
Get comfy for the rest of it
The rest you'll have tonight
Let's sing about the things that we see when we sleep and how they feel real
I had a dream
That my mother died
We all cried
As we sat inside
Among all of her old things
Ring Ring
We heard the phone ring
On the other end
My Grandmother spoke
Told us not to fear
Because it wasn't a joke
We all started wondering
If we were on the phone speaking to her ghost
She used to be really funny
She said
I'll take care of your mommy
I was a baby again
Lost in play-land
Memories of my sister in her tummy
My dad fell to the floor
I couldn't cry anymore
We all got up
And kicked down the door
My sisters and I
Ran through to outside
Dad led us to the pool
To make it our tide
And we flooded the backyard as our reply
And the water splashed
And killed the plants
And the mud flats grew
Over the grass
And we flipped the pool
Upside down to float on past
Let's sing about the things that we see when we
Let's sing about the things that we see


-"Oh Tangible World" (2012)

-"Where Were You in the Wild?" (2009) - Sonic Unyon Distribution.

-"Small Run" EP (2008) - 100 copies pressed -SOLD OUT

-" " (2007)

-"The Baby" EP (2006) - 60 copies pressed - SOLD OUT

Set List

Language-Arts can play one or two, 45 minute sets.
All songs are originals.
Songs that are actively and currently being performed are:
1. "Cavity" from album 'Where Were You in the Wild?" (2009)
2. "White Socks in Birkenstocks" from album 'Where Were You in the Wild?" (2009)
3. "Where Were You in the Wild?" from album 'Where Were You in the Wild?" (2009)
4. "Lighthouse" from album 'Where Were You in the Wild?" (2009)
5. "Cough Drop" from album 'Where Were You in the Wild?" (2009)
6. "Benson" from album 'Where Were You in the Wild?" (2009)
7. "Boxed In" from album 'Where Were You in the Wild?" (2009)
8. "Tuck it in" from album 'Where Were You in the Wild?" (2009)
9. "Running at Sunset in a Moonlit Town" from album " " (2007)
10. "St. Stephen's" from album " " (2007)
11. "Born" from upcoming album 'Oh Tangible World' (2012)
12. "When I Leave this Town" from upcoming album 'Oh Tangible World' (2012)
13. "More than Amazing" from upcoming album 'Oh Tangible World' (201