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"2008 Singer/Songwriter Contest"

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"Upstart Roundup"

Although the members of Language Arts spend much of their time out in Augusta, by all accounts this is an Athens band through and through. McGaw and Roberts are best known around town as the former drummer and bassist (respectively) for local heroes An Epic at Best. Since An Epic at Best is indefinitely on hold with its singer/songwriter away in France, Athens has been treated to more Language Arts shows in recent months. Instead of the twinkling piano ruminations of the former band, Language Arts is a solid rock trio inspired by classic '60s rock melodies. Garin's guitar is channeled through a vintage amp with loads of reverb accenting every memorable chorus and hook. Vocally, Garin's sound is much more modern, his yearning vocals recalling more recent indie acts. - Flagpole Magazine

"Music by Coco article"

Local rock band Language Arts have returned from Athens with a great new three-song demo CD that should satisfy their ever-growing fan base, who seem to be drawn to the power trio’s dense-melodic, reverb-drenched music and live shows. Obvious comparisons would be bands like Band of Horses, My Morning Jacket and Manchester Orchestra, which probably explains why I like them so much. - Metro Spirit

"When A Band Loves A Woman: Language Arts"

Language Arts describes itself as "dynamic, a fun bunch and just a good time." After listening to its music, which reminds bassist Natalie Roberts of "Wall of Sound, Phil Spector era," it's hard to disagree.

She is joined by Jamie McGaw on drums and guitarist/vocalist Kurt Garin.

"[I feel] fortunate to be a part of the Athens music scene, but I wish female musicians here were more accessible. They're not open to side projects or opening more doors," Roberts said.

Roberts also feels that a greater sense of community between female musicians in Athens would yield a stronger female presence.

"You see a lot of bands that have one girl. It's more refreshing to see more girls in bands. But women need to be inspiring each other and working together, not competing," Roberts said.

The trio just finished recording a demo at Downtown Athens Recording Company, soon to be available for anyone interested in what McGaw calls "just rock and roll music."
- Marie Uhler, Athens Red and Black

"Posted by Stak"

"LANGUAGE ARTS' Kurt Garin channeling vocals through his old amplifier because he likes the way the old spring reverb sounds........and that shit worked too!....a cool sonic imprint for sure......the band as a whole is very technically sound and are just far too under-active for my taste.......and i can't say enough about the's a bit difficult for me to nail them down stylistically, but they understand how to write a chorus.......additionally, they are not afraid of left turns and use them for maximum effect.......quickly becoming my favorite local band...." - Lokal Loudness


D.A.R.C. demo - recorded in June 2008
Collier Sessions demo - recorded in September 2008

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After a solid month’s worth of listening to Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, Roy Orbison, The Ronettes and the like, roommates, Jamie McGaw and Kurt Garin, began trying to recapture that early pop/rock n' roll sound by forming Language Arts, in the summer of 2007 in Augusta, Georgia. McGaw previously played drums in the now- defunct Athens band, An Epic At Best, with Natalie Roberts, so he suggested adding her to the lineup as bassist while Garin took control of vocals and guitar. Sticking to the roots of early 60's bands, Language Arts remained a trio and set out to develop their sound in a live setting. Within six months, the group spent a day recording a few songs with Eric Friar (of Athens' Down With The Woo and ex-member of Heros Severum) at Downtown Athens Recording Company (D.A.R.C.) and two months later, a few more songs in a day with Scott Collier (also ex-guitarist of An Epic At Best). Since then, Language Arts has been gaining a growing fan base. After a year of work, they have a catalogue of tunes, six on record, and have shared the stage with notable acts such as Brooklyn's "The XYZ Affair," Augusta's "The Cubists” and Athens' bands "Elf Power" and "The Whigs." Shortly after the recording sessions and playing a slew of successful shows, McGaw left Language Arts to pursue a career in Chicago, which left Garin and Roberts to recruit a new drummer. They were able to find Nick Joiner (also from the Augusta area but now a resident of Athens). Language Arts are working towards touring in the near future, and one day hope to fulfill their goal of recording a record inspired by the sounds that used to fill the airwaves of America in the late fifties and early sixties.