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Language Arts


Winner of the 2008 Augusta Chronicle Singer/Songwriter Contest! "Language Arts is a solid rock trio inspired by classic '60s rock melodies."-Flagpole Magazine, Athens, GA "dense-melodic, reverb-drenched music and live shows"-Metro Spirit, Augusta, GA


After a solid month’s worth of listening to Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, Roy Orbison, The Ronettes and the like, roommates, Jamie McGaw and Kurt Garin, began trying to recapture that early pop/rock n' roll sound by forming Language Arts, in the summer of 2007 in Augusta, Georgia. McGaw previously played drums in the now- defunct Athens band, An Epic At Best, with Natalie Roberts, so he suggested adding her to the lineup as bassist while Garin took control of vocals and guitar. Sticking to the roots of early 60's bands, Language Arts remained a trio and set out to develop their sound in a live setting. Within six months, the group spent a day recording a few songs with Eric Friar (of Athens' Down With The Woo and ex-member of Heros Severum) at Downtown Athens Recording Company (D.A.R.C.) and two months later, a few more songs in a day with Scott Collier (also ex-guitarist of An Epic At Best). Since then, Language Arts has been gaining a growing fan base. After a year of work, they have a catalogue of tunes, six on record, and have shared the stage with notable acts such as Brooklyn's "The XYZ Affair," Augusta's "The Cubists” and Athens' bands "Elf Power" and "The Whigs." Shortly after the recording sessions and playing a slew of successful shows, McGaw left Language Arts to pursue a career in Chicago, which left Garin and Roberts to recruit a new drummer. They were able to find Nick Joiner (also from the Augusta area but now a resident of Athens). Language Arts are working towards touring in the near future, and one day hope to fulfill their goal of recording a record inspired by the sounds that used to fill the airwaves of America in the late fifties and early sixties.


D.A.R.C. demo - recorded in June 2008
Collier Sessions demo - recorded in September 2008

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Set List

Set is typically 30 - 45 minutes long, depending on how long the stage banter lasts in between songs. Overall, a great crowd reaction, especially to the Townes Van Zandt cover of "Nothing."