Coppell, Texas, USA

Lantana is a sassy group of Texas women who bring a little zing zing of the female persuasion to a world of dirt, spit and grit. Biz Dalene bring a remarkable amount of energy and fervor to the stage and give their audience priceless entertainment, signed with a sense of humor.


Big hearts, big talent and boundless energy are the life's blood of Lantana.  Ever-changing, ever-evolving and endlessly entertaining, Biz Haddock and Dalene Richelle are the newest incarnation of LANTANA, the talented Dallas-based Country duo that was originally formed as a trio in 2003. 

"We have been through some major changes," admits Biz Haddock, LANTANA's founding member, "but with change comes growth, and I'm proud to say that LANTANA is better now than it's ever been.  We're going strong."

Strong, progressive, vibrant: these are all words that could describe the music of LANTANA.  "It's music for everyone," Biz notes. 

"Life has given us no shortage of inspirational material to write this album,"
Dalene says with a soft smile.  "We have lived these songs."  Both Haddock and Richelle are also uniquely talented vocalists, with influences ranging from Rock/Pop (Led Zeppelin, Jewel, Madonna) to Country (Dolly Parton, Conway Twitty, Trisha Yearwood).  With diverse musical backgrounds, the two might not seem like a natural "fit" based on musical tastes, but they make absolute magic when they join together in song. "We both have the same motivation in music, and it stems from a very spiritual place.  It's a soul connection that comes through," Dalene explains.


Oh Baby
American Girl
Country As A City Girl Can Be
Let Somebody Love You
Few Little Things

Life Is Good 2004
Unbridled 2006
LOL 2009

Set List

Current Set List Originals:

1. Country as a City Girl
2. Aint Your Jailer
3. You Know How It Is
4. What Turns Me On (Thats My Baby)
5. No Trespassin
6. Texas
7. I Got What You Need
8. Savin It Up For Saturday Night
9. Juice Aint Worth A Squeeze
10. Aint No Memory
11. Oh Baby
12. 180
13. Everything
14. Few Little Things
15. Second Cup of Coffee
16. If Im Gonna Be Bad (it Better Be Good)
17. When You Come Home Tonight
18. Ride Em Cowboy

Archived Originals:
1. Give
2. Let Somebody Love You
3. Feel Like Rockin
4. Hes a Hottie
5. Back to Being Me
6. Better Days Are Coming
7. Life is Good
8. Oh Baby