La Panika

La Panika


La Panika became an inescapable Gypsy Brass band of the Balkans, strongly influenced by the Rom Music of the Black sea. The band counts at the moment more than 300 concerts, and so confirms its European dimension (Release album "afan Toufan" in February 2008 / on tour 2008/2009).


LA PANIKA is a part of fifteen formations of the Compagnie du Tire-Laine, one of the French symbolic collectives where become entangled gypsy musics, klezmers and the other swings gipsies, like Taraf Dekale, La Caravane electro or Swing Gadje.

Brass band but not just that, La Panika is the fruit of one thousand meetings, one thousand tumults, one thousand madnesses, one thousand events... Benito BLANCQUAERT, leader and amazing saxophonist of the formation, meets in 1996 the charismatic gypsy accordionist Arnaud VAN LANCKER (Nono), founder of the Compagnie du Tire-Laine. The projects fuse. He plays with the musicians of the Taraf Borzo, notably together with Jamp LIETAR, highly skilled trumpeter with whom he dashes into an unforgettable tour during which he crosses the Grand Bulgarian Master clarinettist Yvo PAPASOV or still Mladen MALAKOV.

In 2001, Benito discovers in the Ghent streets the accordionist Pesho ELMAZOV a gypsy of Bulgaria, and it is the artistic love at first sight. Meetings which sealed the fate of Panika, that of the Pesho ELMAZOV, Jamp LIETAR and Benito BLANCQUAERT is naturally a part of it. It is the beginning of a brotherly friendship. The soul of La PANIKA was born, a brass band " bulgarian-french-belgium ".

More recently, Apaz DEMIR SEVGILIM (clarinets & singing) and Mitko CHAKAROV (trumpet), two outstanding musicians, direct descendants of the lineage of musicians' big gypsies families which immortalize for centuries, generation after generation, their directory in the region of Shumen in Bulgaria, bring to LA PANIKA this unique and incredibly gypsy breath!

With the success of their first album “Afan Toufan”, released in February 2008, LA PANIKA became an inescapable brass band of the gypsy musics of the Balkans, strongly influenced by the roms musics of the Black Sea. The group counts at the moment more than 300 wanderings and concerts, and so confirms its European dimension.
LA PANIKA was chosen as one of the best band of Sziget Festival 07 (Hungary) !


- "Afan Toufan " (Fev 2008) at L'AUTRE DISTRIBUTION (13 tracks)

- On International Radio (Track 12 "Seliamed/radio edit)
Radio EPRA network, World Music Charts (26 countries), Ferarock network (FR), Radio Campus network (FR), Radio Urgent, La premiere, VRT (BEL)...

Set List

Set : 1h30/2h

1) Ando Shumen
2) Roumanski cocek
3) Osmanaga
4) Mladen's fantasia
5) Gumena Palatka
6) Romano kolo
7) Nostalgie d'amour
8) Bachal Peo
9) Bechav mange korkoro
10) Iankovski
11) Nihavent oriental
12) Seliamed
13) Lilith
14) Mecesina
15) Vieille machine
16) Der heyser bulgar
17) Leyou