Hi we're Lapel and we write poppy(sometimes yes/no) songs mostly about politics! We hail from Houston, and we're dance-rock oriented; drifting to electronica with a hint of funk.


We're a novelty act. We try to put on a decent show, and be unique. I can't name a particular band that sounds like us. No two of our songs fits under exactly the same genre, and we're a chick band if you count Sam as a girly man.
Our setup is meant to remind people of a political campaign rally.
Our influences include Talking Heads, Björk, Dandy Warhols, Smashing Pumpkins, Crystal Castles, Michael Jackson, Peter Bjorn & John, The Cure, and Gary Numan.


Too Far Gone

Written By: Lapel

We never cut the umbilical cord
Too far gone, too far gone
We never really got up off the ground
To explore, all around
We never became anything more
You're a louse, up and down
Like a winner in a franchise war
I'm the one stepped on

When they find me
I'll be happy
But you're the one I blame
If they think of us as game

Sometimes I have to cry myself to sleep
Thinking about the futility
Of the mundane cycles of our lives
I rant about the repeating
Come on the taper of development
Like I saw, all along
Corroding cities in the background now
The progress is fading out

When they find me
I'll be happy
But you're the one I blame
If they think of us as game


Lapel's first album "Slump" is coming to iTunes soon! Slump's recording sessions are finished and the band has already begun recording their next album - "Princess"

Set List

We try not to take up TOO much time..but if someone lets us we can play a lot. We'll usually play 40 minutes, and we're approachable, thus not afraid to talk to an audience if need be.
Setlist (as of now. kind of sketchy. we're throwing some in from the new album.):

Why Not?
Track 1
Am I A Monster?
Nelson Mandela is Dead