La Peña Community Chorus

La Peña Community Chorus

 Oakland, California, USA

La Peña Chorus is not a band but we do use acoustic instruments of various types from Bolivia, Venezuela, Chile, Mexico, Peru and the US. We are a lively and diverse group of singers and instrumentalists. We have toured and performed in Cuba, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, and Uruguay.


The La Peña Community Chorus has been singing songs of peace, justice, and hope since it began in 1978. Started by the Chilean exile community who founded La Peña Cultural Center in Berkeley in 1975, the original mission of the Chorus was one of solidarity with the resistance against the dictatorship in Chile. Our music, primarily in Spanish, includes not only the Nueva Canción (or “New Song Movement”) of Chile, but styles based in the folk and social justice movements of all of Latin America. We sing in nursing homes, elders’ residences, hospitals, migrant labor camps, juvenile halls, rehabilitation centers, and schools, in addition to our public concerts and performances.


"Recordamos", La Peña Community Chorus, 2000.

15 songs from Chile, Cuba, Venezuela, Argentina, and United States

"Siquendo el Camino", La Peña Community Chorus, 2008

13 songs from Venezuela, Peru, Cuba, Mexico, Chile, and United States,