This young spanish band from Valencia has comprhended perfectly the Mexican culture in their music by recreating the Mariachi style sound into their own style of Marichi,ska, punk Latino giving it a balkan surf rock edge. The Romantic Hurricane Voice of the bands lead singer makes sure of that!


La Pulquería Publishes in the beginning of May 2007 their new album premiering the single hit song “ALWAYS” and coming Soon the DVD of LA PULQUERIA LIVE!

“ Tell me that you want me to know what forget tastes like; there is always something behnid the ones I love, dont ask me and I wont lie,” this is how the song begins with an unusual and discouraging love story with the unique Pulquero trademark. Faithful to La Pulqueria musical style, the song “Always” is a corrido-punk-ska-double step style marked by guitars and metals with mariachi influences smothered by a mestizo sound and a certain mexican music air.
Their own homemade brand.
“Dime que quieres que sepa que sé a que sabe el olvido; que siempre hay algo detrás de los quieros; no preguntes y no mentiré”,

Hard-mariachi-tropi-punk-beachy-latino-balcán- FUN. This is the name brand that defines the music of La Pulquería.
C’mon Fandango is the second album of the band, maintaining in tact the identity and intensity that have made them so well known throughout the country. This second work opens up with with their second song “¿Qué voy hacer?” a mid tempo tune with a Pulquero flavour, festive and danceable. Pleasant melodies and ambients of large skirts and hankerchiefs fliying in the first single:” ALWAYS”. Of course there are the hard hitting songs like “ La Huesada” or “Universo Conocido!” That mark the guitarist quality underlining the rock identity of this band. Beach Pop in “Mrs. Clamidia” and british in “Algo que celebrar” and “Ahora” confirms La Pulquería as the one of the most open musical formations available to the widest of musical spectrums.

Love, heartache, life and death. The most written about subjects come back with a bigger passion. Prepare all 5 senses the 6th is about to take off…




Dime que me quieres que sepa que se a que sabe el olvido. que siempre hay algo detras de los quieros. No preguntes y no mentire.
Y que nunca me duela lo tuyo;
me enamoro luego existo. Dime que no siempre toca perder.
son las cosas del malquerer.
Matame de placer. No me dejes en paz. Desesperame. ¿Que vas a esperar de mi? Un verano en Abril.
¿Que mas me puedes pedir? ALWAYS grapada a ti.
A veces me riñes, a veces me importa, a veces me dejas llegar dormido, domado,dolido,dopado y aun por domesticar.
Matame de placer. No me dejes en paz. Desesperame.
¿Que vas a esperar de mi? Un verano en Abril.
¿Que mas me puedes Pedir? ALWAYS grapado a ti.


"Corridos de Amor" and "C´Mon Fandango"
The single from this new album is "Always"

Set List

Repetoire of about 1,20 minutes if we include the 2 songs from their last album.

1. ¿Que voy Hacer?

2.Universo Deconocido



5.Soufle d´amour

6.La huesuda

7.La Facheuse

8.Machetazos en el Corazon

9.Algo que Celebrar


11.El Gran Suicida

12.El rincon de los Arrastrados

13.Calaveras y Diabilitos