The current ensemble unites The Community Dance Band and the legendary 5-piece LaPUSH Horns to lay down a nonstop mind-bendingly danceable funk and soul party delivering a message of unity, organization, discipline, harmony and ecstasy that is exciting to all ages and walks of life.


LaPUSH was introduced to the Pacific Northwest in the winter of 2002 as a manifestation of the personal creative, spiritual, and social goals of Puget Sound native, Joel Ricci. Ricci is a graduate of Eastern Washington University with a degree in music composition. Currently, LaPUSH is encouraging community support for The Funk Revolution by focusing its efforts on benefit shows, all-ages venues, and outdoor festivals. During this phase, LaPUSH has expanded its influence from Bellingham to Seattle to Olympia and out to the Olympic Peninsula. LaPUSH regularly attracts more than 400 people to any given show, and has helped raise thousands of dollars for Northwest charities. The LaPUSH name is in high demand as it is synonymous with sold out crowds, dancing, healing, and joy. Very soon, LaPUSH will be poised to deliver The Funk Message across the globe.


Tiny Versions

Written By: Joel Ricci

If you want my love, Move in closer to me,
We vibrate in close proximity.
If you want my heart, Give your heart to me,
We’ll wash them off in creativity.

Love is just a seed, Im gonna plant it deep.
A tiny version of what it’s gonna be.
Our love will be the seeds, we will set them free. Tiny versions of what will be.

If you want my touch, Lend your body to me,
I will make you feel just like a queen
I f you want my soul, Just keep smiling at me,
I don’t think you know how much that means


If you want my hand, Reach out open (up) to me.
We will walk wherever our hearts lead.
If you want my song, Keep believing in me,
A tiny version of what I will be.

Love is like a little drop of water in the sea,
A tiny version of what will be.
Love is like a little piece of sand upon the beach,
A tiny version of what will be.
Love is like a little green leaf, high up in a tree,
A tiny version of what will be.
Love is like a tear in the crying eyes of a baby,
A tiny version of what will be.
Love is like a weed, pushing up thru the concrete,
A tiny version of what will be.
Love is like the people of the world crying out for peace,
A tiny version of what will be.
Love is this world, more than you can see,
A tiny version of what will be.
Love is all the beauty, grace and tranquility,
Tiny Versions of What Will Be.
Tiny Versions of What Will Be.


In the summer of 2004, a record label based in Joel Ricci's kitchen: Westsound Record Co. released LaPUSH’s first record, Baby, to stellar local reviews. Baby came out celebrated as "a CD that grabs and holds the listener with a blast of all original high-energy funk and Motown scorchers with a sound that is both retro and fresh,” and as”…a CD that makes you want to get up and dance!.” The backyard barbeque party record of 2004, Baby was in the local top 10 at record stores, in the press, and on college radio play lists.

Set List

Originals by Joel Ricci:
Scarlet Fever
La People
Havina Party
Bagelry Girls
My Bus is comin'
You Sexy Sexy Thing
Baby (YMIF)
Steamed Greens
Mo' Rockin
Izzy Come, Izzy Go
Wood Head
Don't Go Away
Purple House Rockas
Sex Kitten
The Fresh 1
Rite of Revolution
Tiny Versions
I Believe (in Love)

Give it up or turn it loose; JB
Strawberry Letter 23; Shuggie Otis
You were always on my mind; Willie Nelson (made it famous)
Isn't it a pity; George Harrison