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La Puta Electrica

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



Al montarse a tocar LPE, el público respondió al instante a la voz de Norton sobre la estridente instrumentación. Sus temas clásicos y canciones como “Big Time” y “Victoria” enardecieron por un buen rato a la multitud. Una corta pero dura presentación que dejó a más de uno con la boca abierta.

PLUG AND PLAY - Freddy Campos


Para esta ocasión el cuarteto caraqueño La Puta Eléctrica estuvo mostrando sus éxitos "Dinamita", "Tu mirada", "Máquina" (incluido en el soundtrack de la película "Yotama se fue volando") y "Big time", como preámbulo de lo que será su tercer larga duración Cazando Malandras, álbum donde el a go go maldito y la vanguardia electrónica interactúan en la música de una de las agrupaciones más representativas de la década pasada y con mayor proyección en la actualidad.

PLUG AND PLAY - Hugo Castro


COPILADO DE NUEVAS BANDAS “New Bands”, compiled record (1995)
“Caracas Underground”, compiled record (1996)
"RAYOS X" X-Rays (1998-2000)
"MISION FANTASAMA" Ghost mission (2002)
"KAZANDO MALANDRAS" Hounting bitches (2004/05)


Feeling a bit camera shy


The controversial band The Electric Whore (La Puta Electrica) was born from Caracas underground rock, shaking up preset musical styles. Their first concert was recorded on July 16, 1994, and the song More Optic (Más Óptica) was broadcasted at Franklin Zambrano’s radio show. The song got the immediate attention from listeners desirous of more music, and they began this way to play in a number of rock radio stations. Their first demo was recorded by musical producer Gerson Briceño in “Studiomovil”. The record was winner at the 5th edition of the New Bands Festival in 1995. This award leads them to record in studio and be included later on in the compiled record “New Bands”, with 5 songs: The same dirty pants, Wheel, Dynamite, Give” and Hate. However, it won’t be until mid 1996 when 92.9 F.M. manager Guillermo Zambrano made their hit Dynamite play nationwide in rock radio stations, reaching notch 38 in Record Report. In 1996 the band was awarded the Pop & Rock Award, as Breaking Through band of the year, and was also included in the compiled record “Caracas Underground”, with Suet, Pupu, Pasaje Zing, and Sur-fin. Pupu played in rock radio stations as Your Lie. From 1996 to 2000 the band toured the country and experimented with electronic music, creating re-mixes of previous songs. The band played the music of Fingers, a play at the Caracas Playwright Festival, and participated at the Homage to Death Feeling, along with Pablo Dagnino. They played along with the best Venezuelan rock bands in several festivals, and twice at the Poliedro in Caracas with foreign bands. In 2000 they recorded their first release, X-Rays.
X-Rays of a band:
Their first record as a band was X-Rays (1998-2000) with “Esperanto Records”. From this record the songs I don’t believe you and Machine were aired on radio stations. This first release gathered in one compact disc their new songs with nine previous bonus tracks. The immediate response from their fans and the support during their X-Ray tour, were clearing up the horizon for upcoming projects. GHOST MISSION:
Their second release Ghost mission was released in 2002, with a more advanced concept, this time with “Universal Music Venezuela”, recorded at “Doppler Studios”. The hit song Bewitched lies was aired nationwide in radio stations, as well as the promotional video your sight on “Puma TV”. Through this musical achievement, and despite the odds, the band exposed their musical spirit, calling the attention of a wider audience. This year the band was invited to play the holiday season jingle for “Hot 94” radio station, and they would play it for the next three years.
The band played several concerts in 2003, to getting now the new alignment of musicians, whit influence in drum and bass, jazz, blues, funk and electronic music, the musical style became in a most matures and likely, last one as special guest at the closing of the 4th edition of “100% Venezuelan Rock Festival” for a crowd of 20,000 in Valencia, along with Aterciopelados of Colombia.

The band comes back to studio as the 3rd. composed by Elio Fernandez (drums and vocals), Roberto Bernal “Chom” (play back and key board), Pablo Fernandes (bass and vocals), and Norton Pérez (guitar and vocals) in ADA format
The band is currently in search for a record company, and getting ready for their first international tour.