La Puzzy Doll

La Puzzy Doll

 Santiago, Santiago, CHL

We are the party of Rock & Roll;we're interested that people dance and have a good real time playing the Blues and RockaBilly standards.


La Puzzy Doll is a Rock & Roll,Blues and Rockabilly band whose member coming form a differents projects and bands with a professional degree in Music.

The story of La Puzzy Doll begins when Pablo and Arturo members of the rock chilean Band MASTA decide to create Rock &Roll, Blues and Rockabilly's band with friends Alonso whose play with Arturo in another group of Jazz named Fedusa.So some day in middle of a meeting of friends they got this new idea and incoporate Gonzalo who is one of the harmonica best player in SouthAmerica. Therefore La Puzzy Doll is a old know friends members and with this the target of this band is to gives a party Rock & Roll, playing classics from the 3 concepts mentioned above.

We invite you to hear us and follow us in our presentations and Shows

You're Welcome!