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Abscent of Time

Written By: Abscent of Time

Absent of time
Here in this lonely place without you
and time is slowly passing by
and though I know I cannot hold you now
you’re here in every single sigh

with this mourning feeling inside
when I’m all alone, and I’ll be loving you
absent of time
Every haunting thought of you
in every silent moment passing through
you’re so close to me still
in a way undefined, I’ll be loving you
absent of time

Sometimes the cold seems so inviting
when all is sleeping far away
like a silence where there is no time
a place I know I cannot stay

In this lonely feeling inside
when I’m on my own,
and I’ll be loving you
absent of time
I’ll be somewhere else
in moments tightly strung
to a memory of all we said and done
I’ll be taken to a place in mind,
I’m close to you ... absent of time