Lara Csengody
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Lara Csengody

Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States
Band Comedy


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"Ladue Grad Brings West Coast Comedy Act to St. Louis"

Holiday 2009, St. Louis, MO…Los Angeles comedienne Lara Csengody, a ’99 Horton Watkins Ladue High grad, made her St. Louis debut at the House of Comedy in downtown St. Louis to a sold-out crowd during the recent holidays. She was invited to make several encore performances during her visit with family in Ladue.
Lara earned her BA with honors at Chicago’s well known performing arts college, Columbia College in ’03 and honed her improv comedic style at Chicago’s Second City, Improv Olympic and Comedy Sportz before moving to Hollywood to launch her professional career , where she currently performs stand-up comedy nightly. She also performed on Bill Bellamy's TV show, Who's gots Jokes. Lara earns a living as a writer and comedienne.

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"The 1 white girl on the 4th Season of Bill Bellamy's Who's got Jokes!"

So I ROCKED the audition for Bill Bellamy's Who's got Jokes at The Comedy Union in Hollywood, CA which brought me to Las Vegas baby!

It was my first TV credit for performing stand up. I didn't trip knowing that that I was going to wear my best, tell my best jokes and by all means make it look good.

However, the whole purpose of Who's Got Jokes I discovered is a blend of PUNKED and Last Comic Standing. The producers try to make you bomb and you have to try and fiddle with the devil to prove otherwise.

The only white girl out of 24 comedians and they picked me to go first. They brought me out on stage 3 times to the wrong name while also spelling it wrong on the screen behind me. No biggie right? Roll with the punches.

Sure, I got past the first round but then it was on to the second round, the challenge round. There the producers told the audience to get up, walk around and talk while they dropped my microphone. I couldn't hear myself at all.

I was booted from the round although I was the only one in my round whose microphone was dropped. You can't explain that to a TV audience.

I didn't know how to respond at first because I got the impression that Bill wasn't on my side, no one was on my side not even the show's plot was looking out for me! People in later rounds of the show had a pie thrown in their face! I was stoked that I didn't move on!

Overall, after Bill dogged me by taking my score of 8 and telling the crowd, 'that puts you at a -8. How does that make you feel?

I wish I would have said,

Billy, can I call you Billy, oh wait Billy isn't your real name. I know your mother didn't teach you to talk to a lady like that. I knew you were on How to be a Player but I didn't know you were on How to be a Hater. - Lara Csengody


Style is knowing what you want to say and not giving a damn.
-Gore Vidal



Lara Csengody (CHIN-GO-DEE) is a kick ass hilarious broad that'll charm you with her swagger, style and stance. The girl comes out of left field pitching with a curve and then knocks it out of the park with her crass, wild, entertaining, comical stream of consciousness.

Active ingredient LARA CSENGODY:

HILARITY......Stress reliever.

DIRECTIONS: Watch the media!

Relieves minor aches and pains due to:
*the man *pain of boredom *hangovers *the common cold *stress

Could cause aches from laughter as well as hot flashes and skin reddening.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Hilarity, good times and jokes.

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* This white girl has been on the 4th Season of Bill Bellamy's Who's got Jokes...Read the press release to see how she feels about it!