lara Landon

lara Landon

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Soulful, honest and beautiful are the three words I aspire to achieve in every song. World music, folk music and R&B are unlikely flavors that come together in songs that are as diverse as their origins yet cohesive in meaning and depth.



What People Are Saying About Lara Landon and BELOVED

Lara Landon's depth immediately stands out for the serious listener. Avoiding the attention-grabbing tricks of her peers, her worshipful debut is dense and subtle, packed with scriptural truth about God's love with revealing lines like "I've seen the sun rise in your eyes but turned away/No reason why" ("Lift Me Up"). Rich, throaty vocals, on par with Cindy Morgan and Sarah McLachlan, effortlessly soar over the album's quiet balladry. Unfortunately, the strings and piano that dominate the aural landscape result in an AC sound that may be lost on younger audiences. But with a confident magnetism rarely found in young artists...
-Andrea Bailey Willits Christianity Today

"The infusion of sounds old and new create something spectacular. Intrinsically, Beloved is beautiful, Lara Landon shows a song-writing ability beyond almost other debuts. The wisdom, the insight, the depth is all there
The title track, ‘Beloved’ has been haunting me for a while now, and I do believe that Lara Landon has the gift of musicianship and a ministry to serve."
-Lydia Akinola, The Christian Manifesto

"The real star of this album is Landon's voice, part soft spoken songstress, part soulful, soaring passion. She draws from a wide range of influences, sometimes channeling the darker-edged piano pop of Sarah McLachlan, other times bringing to mind the stirring vocals of artists like Leona Lewis.

Coming to appreciate Beloved is like getting to know a new, quiet friend in some ways"
-Jen Rose,

"Beautiful and inspiring. It’s almost as though you walked into Lara’s heart and found an art gallery there. The emotions in these songs range from cheerful to lonely to heartfelt.

Beloved is one album that will certainly live up to its name. Given Lara’s powerful vocals, beautiful, honest lyrics, and melodies which range from breathtaking to haunting, there is absolutely no way she will fly under the radar."
-Laura Chambers, Christian Music Review

"With a wide array of genres melding into one, this songwriter features a vulnerable, honest lyrical approach to go along with her folkish sensibilities."
-Matt Conner, Soul-Audio

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In the world of artistry and entertainment, it’s often easier to put on a fake face of the perfect persona than it is to let down one's guard and become vulnerable. Though singer/songwriter/piano player Lara Landon realizes she’d probably come across like more of a star if she’d act like every angle of her life was in order, the faith-based tunesmith refuses to veil fragile emotions or lie about her heart’s condition on the debut disc Beloved.

Chalk up that integrity to unbreakable family bonds, influenced by her father’s roots in Jordan and mother’s Sicilian bloodline, both of which always stood for honesty, humility and a hard working essence in all aspects of life. No wonder why the youthful but wiser beyond her years Landon has always stood for creative excellence, even in the days before realizing a path as a performer.

Whether it was scoring the lead role of “Annie” in a college production at a mere nine years old, talking vocal lessons shortly thereafter or soliciting a demo around to record executives at fourteen, the hopeful’s always had an unbreakable spirit. But that’s not to say she hasn’t had stumbling blocks along the way, most notably a bout with depression and anxiety throughout adolescence, plus complete dismay with the massive music industry a few years later when studying at the arts oriented Belmont University. “I’ve always been a big fan of reading biographies of other artists and seeing how they went from rags to riches or from nothing to singing in stadiums,” says Landon, citing an astute influence pool who thrived amidst their personal hardships, including Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Tracy Chapman, Billie Holiday and Johnny Cash. “I’ve always rooted for the underdog and feel like my music can really encourage people who might have felt passed over at some point."

Indeed, Beloved is more than just an album title, but the mark of a personal journey that led Landon to music executive and Essential Records founder Robert Beeson and a record deal with his new Nashville-based label Bema Media – home to such artists as The Rubyz, Mission Six and Manic Drive. However, long before signing the dotted line, the relative newcomer could see God’s flawless plan working through her


2009- Beloved. Nationally distributed by Provident/Sony

2009- Love/Majestic EP.

2008- Club Dream Lab Worship Revolutions Volume One. Globally Distributed by GoGlobal Entertainment

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