Lara Ruggles

Lara Ruggles

 Denver, Colorado, USA

Drawing unapologetic inspiration from the generation of women singer/songwriters who pioneered Lilith Fair in the ‘90s, Lara Ruggles plays a unique blend of avant-pop and soul-folk, “the kind of songs you wish you heard on the radio”.


Lara Ruggles grew up listening to Patsy Cline, Emmylou Harris, Cat Stevens, Joan Baez, and the Judds. She sang her first concert in three-part harmony and won her first poetry slam. Her unique blend of avant-pop and soul-folk is passionate and powerful, even when sung from whimsical points of view such as the perspective of a purse. Lara's piano and guitar-driven melodies invite the listener on a journey through soaring hooks, battle scenes and postcards written from well-loved and desolate desert landscapes. Laras music is intensely soulful and unafraid to acknowledge the dark places within the range of the human emotional experience. She engages with her audiences in an unabashedly genuine way, telling raw stories and allowing her own vulnerability to be a point of connection and empowerment. Lara is a two-time finalist in the Tucson Folk Festival song contest, and won the Face Karaoke Contest and performed with nationally-recognized vocal rock band Face. She has also shared the stage with Janet Feder, Steven Vidaic of Citizen Cope, and David Rynhart of Chimney Choir and been a finalist in the renowned Eddies Attic open mic competition. In addition to performing regularly, Lara teaches songwriting workshops in schools and founded the Love Your Piano Project to get acoustic pianos into more community music venues. This year, Lara played a set at South by Southwest, and is currently touring while she awaits the release of her debut full-length on Immersive Records this summer.


Don't Worry

Written By: Lara Ruggles

From Vermont to Georgia we drove
trying to hear a song that called us in
trying to pretend a home, but that's the thing about pretend
we made the mark of strangers sleeping in strange beds

They broke the news of separation after 25 years
they spilled out all the ghosts that circle all my old familiar fears
and now the skin of a good man faces a newborn soul who smiles

I will go down
down into these pages so I come to know the faces that fill me
don't worry for me
I know I'm in here somewhere and I'm determined to find out where that might be
you'll be my every thought
a man like you can't be forgotten easily
don't worry, don't worry

Now there's too many dark hallways in my mind
the ghosts they call each other out
to meet in crowded rooms and talk about me right behind my mouth
and I can't get a word in, it seems that I'm the one who can't be seen

I don't mean to leave you waiting while I sort through wires wrapped around my heart
bottlecaps and soda rings, garbage that's collected in the dark
here hold the flashlight for me, we'll see if one of these can still light a spark


Don't worry that I don't want you
you're the one thing I want most consistently
Don't worry that I don't love you
I will love you 'till the day I cannot breathe
and don't worry that I'll be taken
I'm a bird who'll fly home to you every time
I'll fly home to you every time


Small Is Beautiful

Written By: Lara Ruggles

We are lazy in the living room
while the snow keeps coming down outside
it is cold in our house when you tell me
let's take it one thing at a time

You say "I try to take care of you in the morning before me
'cause I know you have a mind to worry"
and now I'm worried I don't give enough back
that little love notes don't pick up enough slack

But you say,
Baby, small is beautiful
we all do what we can
and if all you do is stay with me
I'll be a happy man

We don't get a lot of quiet days like these
I forget to notice how it feels
everything is soft and white and drowned in silence
it's like you and me are all that's really here

I wrap my hands around warm cups of tea
your chin's in your hand and you are thinking
I try to keep my guitar understated
so you can finish what you're doing

and baby, small is beautiful
we all do what we can
and if all you do is stay with me
you'll be my only man

well ok, so small is beautiful
let's shrink our whole lives down
we won't need a way to tell the time
it'll always be right now


Out of an Eggshell, EP, September 2011

"Birds and the Bees" received airplay on "The Colorado Sound" and KBCO Locals Edition.

"Don't Worry" made Lara a finalist in the Tucson Folk Festival Songwriting Contest and received radio airplay on KUNM.

Out of an Eggshell is available for streaming on Pandora Radio.

Set List

On Guitar:

Grow Old With Me
Small is Beautiful
Secret Ingredient
Don't Worry
Steady My Love
Let It Be Enough
Playing Catch Up
Moon in my Heart
Don't Be Cruel (Elvis cover)
Where is the Love (Black Eyed Peas cover)

On Piano:

Vibrate (Rufus Wainwright cover)
Extraordinary Machine (Fiona Apple cover)
Take Me Everywhere
Birds and the Bees
Like Watercolors
The Dove
Fighting Time
What Good is Your Love
When You Gonna
Never Not Broken