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""The guys have a wonderful upbeat comic flow""

After contacting the band via Myspace to request British Morning for his show, Tom aired the track on the 17th of August and loved it. Urging listeners to go onto the band Myspace to hear the unedited version with he thought was intelligently witty and very catchy. - BBC 6Music's Tom Robinson

""The future of popular music is in safe hands""

la rebla fam

I was DJing tonight at the Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes and one of the bands that played before my set really made me think that in spite of all the rubbish that's out there the future of popular music is in safe hands. Those hands belong to an outfit called La Rebla Fam (no, I don't know what it means either...).

Think The Specials, think The Equals, think Fishbone, think any multi-racial lineup playing music that's a bit rock-meets-rap-meets-ska. But then think of it being done by a bunch of very young twenty-somethings in a totally honest, naive kind of style with an enthusiasm and a sincerity that is refreshing. Pilfering riffs from The Police and sending up the posturing rock of Kasabian was always going to endear them to me, but they ain't some comedy good time band. There's a serious message that they're trying to get across and it's an old cliche but it bears repeating: if the kids are united they'll never be defeated. Songs like "No Ghetto In London" and the fact that all the members seem to be genuinely ignoring their racial differences and celebrating all the different musical influences they bring to their band are a refreshing change from the cultural seperatism that divides much of modern life.

Their MySpace songs might be a bit basic, but if you live in the London area you'd do very well to check them out. I'm not the greatest A&R-minded person in the world, but I think in the case of La Rebla Fam you ought to expect good things. And the fact that I'm typing this at 3am just as I have returned from the said gig should give you an impression of just how impressed I was...

- Andy Lewis ( Paul Wellers Bass player)

""I can't wait until their next gig""

I knew it was gonna be a great evening. And I wasn't disappointed.

La Rebla played a MASSIVE set! Tight isn't the word and when Donny (Drums) and Rob (Bass) locked in, well, Nutty P (Lead Vocals), Suspence (Lead Vocals), Straterz (Lead Guitar) and Mr Sounds (Keyboards) did not stand a chance.

It was brutal I tell ya as drum and bass mercilessly drove them on and once that beat got into me bones I cudn't stop myself from well just losing it and jumping all over the damn place.
Normally it takes me bout three songs to warm up but with this lot it was from the word go!

I mean with bands like La Rebla Fam u don't need to get stoned, their music does that for u.

I'm finding it difficult to describe Donny's drumming, there was so much going on there, rhythyms weaving in and out, every bit of the drum kit was being used but not like ur next door neighbour's brat would do it but like it all hung together perfectly and Rob's bass never got lost and knew exactly what to do to add more force to the pace.

Nutty P and Suspence's vocals harmonised perfectly and give a fatter dimension to the music.

Straterz's guitar was big and chunky without being brash and show off although he did allow himself a nice little solo.

Mr Sounds keyboards provided a velvety backdrop and added yet another texture to this very talented band.

Everything was in sync, in harmony and yet at the same time they hit you with a sound that is spontaneous and exuberant. They have a wide variety of styles and yet you only have to hear a song of theirs that you've never heard before and you know it's them. Now that's style.

I can't wait until their next gig.
I better go to the gym and get in shape!

The Legendary Frank
- Legendary Frank

""La Rebla Fam’ poised to swallow London music scene whole""

Creekside recording studio recently had the scary and unique privilege of recording the latest material by London based ‘La Rebla Fam’. Hailing from all corners of the capital, the band consists of six ethnically diverse misfits (their words!) who together produce an energetic blend of rock tinged ska, garage, funk, and hip hop. Engineer for the session, Steve Unterberger, said it was the most exciting recording session he had engineered for quite some time – “the band are like a whirlwind of energy, and completely nuts, but I defy anyone not to dance themselves silly to their music”. The band are currently performing gigs throughout the capital and to really understand them, catching a live show is a must. To find out more about the wonderfully weird world of La Rebla Fam visit their myspace page- VIVA LA FAM!!! - Creekside Studios

""They reminded me of some good mates of mine The Specials""

La Rebla Fam performed for Oxjam at The Roadhouse on Sunday 8th June and amazed all who were there.
I personally, havn't been so excited by a band for a long time, and I've seen and heard a LOT! of bands.
They played with such enthusiasm, energy and skill, that I found it very difficult to take my eyes and ears off them, not that I wanted to, in fact I wanted them to go on playing all night!
They reminded me of some good mates of mine The Specials, except they had something else, which was a connection to the streets of today and life in London now!
Without exception, all of them played and sang with a skill that really blew me away, and I will (if they wish to) be putting them in as many shows as I can.
This is a band that deserves to go all the way and I'm sure they will.
So if you havn't seen them yet, you are missing out, cos they ROCK! Big time!
Not only are they a great band, but I found them to be a really great bunch of people and it was a pleasure working with them, and I hope to again soon.
Oxjam Roadhouse events prides itself on always having a fantastic line up, and La Rebla Fam are up at the top of the list, as far as I'm concerned.
Big Up! La Rebla Fam!
John Greed (Oxjam Technical Organizer)and (Soundout Promotions)
- Oxjam


Still working on that hot first release.



To name only a few descriptions thrown at La Rebla Fam:

"If The Clash got rhyming lessons from Dizzee Rascal they would sound like this"

"The Specials on better drugs"

"Updated version of the madness"

"If Mark Ronson, Atmosphere and Will I Am had a baby...It would be Lá Reblá Fam "

They feel that being hard to distinguish does have huge benefits, for its a sign of great originality. That of leaders and not imitators or followers.

Lead singer/songwriters Anton (Nutty p) and Simon (Suspence) first met back in the tender year of 2001. At the time, the pair had little to no knowledge of producing music, but they could both write linguistically masterful songs, and at this point in time they poured their talent into the mould of the underground UK hip-hop scene.

They gained a small but loyal following throughout the west London scene. Re-assembled in the sweaty armpit of the summer of 2006, with a new identity and sound. Still keeping close to their heritage as hip hop emcees, but delving deeper into their musical influences such as ska, reggae, and rock Lá Reblá Fam was born.

Within the space of a few months, several cracking songs had been penned, filled with witty, observational humour, chorus lines that you wake up in the middle of the night humming and subjects ranging from far and wide, including immigration, gun violence, the exploitation of public holidays and the use of the word “fuck”. They had developed a sound that was totally unique.

In early 2006 they came across Edmonton producer Mr. Sounds (Jeff), dressed exuberantly, with an ear for hot new music; a talented keyboard player was he. Deep into the heart of 2007, the gods handed them another piece of the puzzle. A guitarist by the name Ben Stratford.

They seemed to be half way there. Donny a friend of Soundz who was currently attending a drumming university exclaimed he was in search of a band to get involved with, Lá Reblá Fam had the ticket to all the free 'British Mornings'* he could ever want. Also Soundz spoke of an ex boss he use to work for, a bassist by the name of Rob H. The Fam made him an offer he couldn’t refuse and thus did history unfold! (some of the above may be untrue)

And so they were complete. Living the lifestyle of Vivá Lá Fam, which at some stage we all hope will be explained in their lyrics, they conspire to de-conquer the world, deprogram the system, give a society a boot up the japsy, but have a laugh and get drunk more than anything. Welcome to the wild weird wonderfully wank-stained world of Lá Reblá Fam!

•BRITISH MORNING - special Vivá Lá Fam alcoholic beverage.