Large and Small Rooms

Large and Small Rooms


Performance Art and Live Electronics by way of a duo of sound artists looking to bridge the gap between now and then. We are a Robotic Feeling Machine that can think and hurt and love and may some day know you. Enjoy space and time with this futurist electronic noise team from Santa Fe, NM


2 sound artists, 1 drum set + electronics make up the neo-electro-art sounds of Large and Small Rooms. The duo of Jack Neiman (Drums) and Spencer Neale (Electronics) create the progressive futuristic electronic sounds for a new sensibility, a new aestethic, a new listener. Initially understood to be a playing field for their own separate creative outputs, Large and Small Rooms has developed into a feeling synthetic construction that locks in the computer designed drum and synth loops of Mr. Neale along with the live drumming styles of Mr. Nieman. Every live show is unique to each individual performance and encompasses an array of ideas ranging from alternative electronic to deranged noise sessions to performance art. If there is anything we can concretely say it is that we are here now with you.

Meter By Meter, an original, is up in the video section.

By listening to the different songs on our page, you lend yourself to understanding the full range of Large and Small Rooms so feel free to change the songs at will! Thanks so much for caring :)

Influences: Benevento/Russo Duo, Battles, Stereolab, Boards of Canada, Cornelius, Radiohead, Autechere, The Secret Machines, Animal Collective, Flaming Lips, Explosions in the Sky, Tortoise, LCD Soundsystem, and many more


We have not released any material professionally as of yet. We do record our material and have an LP's worth of music ready to record professionally as of this time.

Follow the link to our myspace for videos!
Have a wonderfully beautiful existence

Set List

Our setlists are never the same, we always incorporate different elements for different shows.

Familiar Songs:
Her Wings Were Pink and Delicate
Meter By Meter
Taki 183
Godless Child
Noise is Tomorrow Now!
Fleeting Across This Barren Plane of Existence
Machu Picchu
You in a Cube
Colliding Mass
You Stole My Heart and it Wasn't Valentines Day!