Large Marge Trio

Large Marge Trio

 Orlando, Florida, USA

Besides our own brand of sonic mischief, we 'cover'(loosely!) artists like Weather Report, Hendrix, The Meters, Scofield, Phish, Tribal Tech, Return To Forever, etc. Our versions try to take the tunes to new places every show.
We live for that live burn.


I wish we had some deep mission statement to lay on ya', but we don't. We do this simply because we love the magic of creating whole worlds out of thin air; amazing places and voyages, only to have the vision fade as the last note dies away; never to be seen again. And then we do it again. And again. There is nothing better
in this world for a musician than to create spontaneously and honestly, wrestling to balance that creation with the emotions it stirs within. We're lucky to finally connect our personal visions on the same wavelength, with no egos, just the mutual need to create.
Judging by their reaction, the audience gets swept up right along with us.


For My Friend

Written By: Bill Withers

One of us will have to say he's sorry
Or we will never be friends again
Let's have a drink and talk it over
I want to keep you for a friend - yes I do

We're here today and gone tomorrow
None of us knows when life will end
I've said some things that caused you sorrow
But I want to keep you for a friend - yes I do

Set List

For a Friend
Teen Town
4 On The Floor
City of Tiny Lights
Brush With The Blues
I Dig a Pony
Catch Me If You Can
Born In Troubled Times
3rd Stone From The Sun
People Say
You Got Me Knockin'
Feels Like Rain
What Is Hip
Wind Cries Mary
Freedom Jazz Dance
Spanish Moon
Just Kissed My Baby
Cissy Strut
Real Man
Lucy In THe Sky With Diamonds
Manic Depression.
The Chicken.