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So far Largo has released three albums:
‘Fables of Lost Time’ (Warner Jazz 2003)
‘Long Journey’ (Warner Jazz 2005)
‘All about us’ (Waltzing-Parke Records Jazz, 2009)



‘I’m so tired of all the backward looking that goes on in jazz right now. The original innovators were just that … innovators, and they took influences from everything that was around them, they didn’t try to sound exactly like anyone else. Jazz is a living music; it doesn’t belong in the past. It needs to move on.’ (Gast Waltzing)

Gast Waltzing, a native Luxembourgian is well known in the music scene. Waltzing, classically trained at Europe’s leading Conservatories, he was the founder of the Conservatoire of Luxembourg’s Jazz Department, of which he is now head. In the course of his prestigious career he has released tens of albums ranging from classical to jazz to dance and has composed the score for over 150 TV movies and cinema releases. Waltzing wanted to create music which reflected instrumentally what he felt, self-explanatory music which needed no words. His band Largo follows this philosophy. The musicians Waltzing works with on this project come from all Luxembourg and Germany and the diversity of backgrounds infuses Largo’s music with a distinct European sensibility

Gast Waltzing’s musical influences range from classical music (Bach, Beethoven, Debussy, Ravel) to the Jazz luminaries (Charlie Parker, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, John Coltrane, Miles Davis). Beside the more ‘traditional’ musical influences, Waltzing’s music taste reveals a distinct sensibility to less ‘traditional’, more contemporary music styles such as Bristol’ trip hop sound (Tricky) or US turntablist DJ Logic. Whereas Largo’s first two albums (‘Fables of Lost Time’, Long Journey’) reveal this electrifying mixing of what is considered to be traditional and less traditional, Largo’s third album is a quest for origins, Largo goes back to the roots.

Largo’s music achieves what seems impossible: it harmoniously blends these ‘disparate’ worlds and breaks free of the artificial boundaries. Each musical terrain supports, informs, elevates and completes the other. Largo’s music reveals how music cannot and should not be rigidly confined and divided into definite and adamant categories. Indeed, as Gast Waltzing says, ‘Jazz is a living music; it doesn’t belong in the past. We only learn from the past.’

Gast Waltzing’s understanding of Jazz music can be applied to his vision on music in general: ‘I am always a musician. It’s not like I wake up and decide when to schedule music in. It’s always present.’

This highly individual take on music and the seamless blend of musical genres, has earned Largo much critical acclaim nationally and internationally. Largo performed with Nils Landgren and Didier Lockwood. Largo regularly plays for important national institutions such as the Philharmonie de Luxembourg. Largo was the first European jazz group to be invited to perform at the Clearwater Jazz Festival in 2003. Moreover, they performed in Vietnam, Austria (where they recorded live for the ORF), United States (Kennedy Center, Washington DC.), Greece, Portugal, Germany (Hilden Jazz Festival), Romania (Sibiu Festival), United Kingdom …etc. This year Largo will be representing Luxembourg at the World Expo in Shanghai.