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i am his
Get save Now
3 nails and a cross
Jesus Take the wheel
When i call on Jesus
on my knees
Lay me down
that have both streaming and radio airplay



LarissaJ first sung when she was 2 this was 1995 at church in1999 Larissa started going to the First Asembly of God in Cartersville Ga and she sung with the childrens chour at the time but God had a plan and Also in 1999 Larissa's furture mgr moved to Cartresville Ga starting looking for a church by Jan 2000 he had found the First Assembly of god Church same church LarissaJ was going to but the first 2 years were unevenful but then in late 2002 Her manager met larissas parents Harvey and Angie and there family the became Good friends.Mean while larissa had already start to sing like jacki q and others in her style to be. The day in late 2003 Her furture manger would hear he sing for the first time Larissa now almost 11 he went down to see if the kids were done with Sunday school cause then pastor wanted to wrap things up for the day reg sundnay service was over but not the kids service so when he got down to the childrens church room he her first a girl name sara singing the pastors daughter she was pretty good the were doing solos then the pastors wife said Larissa its your turn and when she sung her furture mgr thought wow shes is really good and was blow alway. So when the pastor move on Larissa was invite to sing on th reg praise singers in 2004 she still sings there today as muc as possiblem funny thing is so did her Manager at the time little did either of them know was going to happen so it was liek this until summer 2006 the manger was called by god to move to a diff local church and started a web base radio station but they all reamain friends so one day the manger was talking to larissa dad and her dad says why don't we record larrisa singing a song or 2 put on the web station just see what happens this was spring 2007 and that ws just over a year ago since then we have writtien 30 + lyrics recorded 6 songs for a cd that we are still working on Larissa has 3 webisite devoted to her music ministry she has done concerts all over gerogia releaseing her first cd this fall an org accp mix she will sing at 4 july cartersvilel stars and stripes festvial this year and have other concerts she is going to due. We have just started putting a full band together so Growing this by leaps and bounds i know all this cause i have live with her i am the Manager Dan Ledford and i am humble to be able to serve God and be LarissaJ's Manager