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Larissa Lam

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Soulful singer-songwriter with a powerful voice in the vein of Annie Lennox, Joss Stone, Corrinne Bailey Rae


Larissa Lam is a multi-talented singer-songwriter with a powerful, soulful voice. Nicknamed "The Singing CFO," Larissa Lam has the distinction of being a former Chief Financial Officer turned recording artist. In 2006, the Independent Artist Registry named her one of the top independent artists in the U.S. She has released three albums independently and her song, “Breathing More,” landed in the Top 10 of the Radio and Records Rhythmic charts. She has released three albums independently in the US, Singapore, Canada and Australia.

Born in Diamond Bar, CA and raised in a typical Chinese American home, Larissa's musical pursuits began at age five when her mother insisted on classical piano training. However, Larissa’s personal tastes leaned toward pop, rock, jazz and R&B. By the time she was 13, Larissa had written her first song. After graduating early from UCLA, she joined dance/Gospel group Nitro Praise as a singer, with whom she recorded and toured nationally. Larissa has performed on many stages from the Knitting Factory to the Kodak Theater. Her talent has attracted top collaborators who have worked with superstars such as Prince and Christina Aguilera. She hopes she can inspire a diverse audience with her music.


I'm Not

Written By: Larissa Lam

Verse 1
I’m not going to compromise
I’m not willing to sacrifice
Every ounce of my dignity to survive
I’m not trying to fit a mold
I’m not doing what I’ve been told
Movin’ all that I believe aside

Cuz, I’m not the kind of girl
To conform to this world
I will live the way that I believe is right
I won’t mask who I am
And I hope you understand
At the end of the day I’m just trying to shed some light

Verse 2
I won’t let ignorance bother me
I won’t have anyone telling me
I don’t have what it takes to succeed
I won’t let negatives weigh me down
I won’t let doubters just hang around
Knockin’ the different path I choose to lead


Breathing More remix

Written By: Larissa Lam

With every breath I take, I'm breathing more of You
With every step I make, I'm making it with You
With my whole life at stake I can't turn back
I don't need more of what I only lack
With every breath I take, I'm breathing more of You
I've been in this place before
Disappointed by someone else
But now I can't ignore the signs anymore
Attracted to the kind
Who stifled how I felt
And suffocated my creative state of mind
I was weakened by the spell
Of what I couldn't want
And it never left me feeling very well
It polluted every thought
Clouded my response
And all the visions and decisions that I sought
Well, I know I was imprisoned by the way I used live
But now I know the freedom that Your Spirit can give

My Getaway

Written By: Larissa Lam

Verse 1:
Here am I, come take me away
To a place so simple and free
Where there’s no lies
And no darkening of skies

Here am I, come take me away
To a place so peaceful to me
Where there’s no strife
And no loss of innocent life

My getaway
Starting anew
I’ll find my way
Looking forward to
That wondrous day when I will be with you

My getaway
Closer to you
So far away
From all that I do
Till that day
I’ll hope and pray
You’ll be coming back, coming back soon

Verse 2:
Here am I, come take me away
To a place without any greed
Where there’s no haste
And nothing considered a waste

Here am I, come take me away
To a place without any need
Where there’s no pain
And no color lines remain


2006 Revolutionary (remix edition)
2006 "Breathing More" (dance remix single) Top 10 on Rhythmic radio charts.
2003 Thankful to be Live
2001 On the Way Up

Set List

Breathing More
Change the World
My Getaway
I'm Not