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larissa maestro


smart pop poetry, sealed with a "stuck in your head, even with a hangover" guarantee.


It can be assumed from Larissa Maestro’s last name that her command of music and art is an inherent talent, as a natural love for words and music pervade her debut album, Maybe Later.

As a Filipino-American, Maestro’s creative influences stretch beyond the close-knit, upstate New York community where she was raised, reflecting her sense of global awareness and cultured upbringing. Drawing from poetic influences such as Gabriel Garcia Marquez and musical talent like Shania Twain, Ryan Adams, and Aimee Mann, Maestro embodies an amalgam of creative forces.

Traces of country, classical, pop, and rock flow with consistent ease through each of her tracks. Tackling vocals, acoustic and electric guitar and cello, Maestro makes each song her own blend of dainty refinement. Lyrics such as “Been spending the day chasing your face in the snow / I’m just as crazy as the weather,” or “Fold me up like an empty paper bag / Fold me up like an old forgotten rag / That silence you give somehow means that you’re strong / But you’re wrong,” allude to a past love gone stale. Instead of angsty vocals accompanied by even angrier bass lines, Maestro takes a more steadfast approach and channels her emotion into lyrical beauty that parallels her band’s effective accompaniment.

Consistently placed metaphors demonstrate Maestro’s poetic abilities. Her guitar twang, meshed with bursts of poppy vocals, reveals her to be more than just a girl with a Gibson. There is a deliberation in every word and note, evoking a deep appreciation for the soulful foundations of the art behind her craft. - Katherine Bruce, Northeast Performer


what did she say

Written By: l. maestro/r. collins

the choice wasn’t mine
you made up your mind to go to her
did i drive you away
used all the right words to try to make you stay
i tried to make you stay

so what did she say
that made you come running ‘cause you know you got me
what did she say
what was so much better that you gave me away
and left me wondering
what did she say

i was doing fine
until i heard you crying through the phone
you say she broke your heart
and now you want to know if we can start again
but how do i know that it’s the end


did she say she didn’t love you
did she say she needed time
did you forget that you had chosen her
when i thought that you were mine
i thought that you were mine


the choice wasn’t mine
i made up my mind


Written By: l. maestro/r. collins

the rope i’m walking now is getting thin
with all this space i fear i could be caving in
would someone be there just in case i fall
in this game of balancing i’ve hit another wall
and i’ve climbed too high to try to come back down
i’m shaking hard ‘cause i’ve got both feet off the ground and i am

so unsettled
so off center
aching with this need
so strung out from when you leave me
so unsettled

you gave me room to walk with you behind
now all i have from you is too much space and time
when you were here i knew i couldn’t lose
but you’re breaking off from me and i can barely move and i am


so unsettling the way you pick me up and throw me down
and shake me up inside
the way you’re using me it’s bruising me
so how can i survive if i am



Written By: l. maestro

i don’t know that look on your face
like something removed your smile and took its place
you’re exchanging your lived-in world for the feel of empty space
‘cause you can’t love me like you did
and your reasons ran and hid

so could you be a stranger
then i won’t have to wager on whether you’ll sympathize
there is no danger
in being a face in the crowd that i don’t recognize
so could you be a stranger

you were so different from the rest
like somebody lifted you from the wild west
but you’re putting your guns in check while you willingly confess
that you had played that role so well
and ‘til now i couldn’t tell


and just fold yourself into every other faceless mask
maybe later you’ll discover how you changed forever
but now i have to ask
could you be a stranger



"Maybe Later" (2007)
"One Breath One LIfe" EP (2006)

Set List

you better lie
sink me
what did she say
save the sound
invisible girl
i won't make a sound
you won't leave me lonely
so young
just as crazy
keep on driving
stand still
blowing out the smoke
something i don't know
you want it this way
push me
a little bit more

stupid thing [aimee mann]
come pick me up [ryan adams]
my sweet carolina [ryan adams]
miss ohio [gillian welch]
let me touch you for awhile [alison krauss + union station]
say goodnight [beth neilson chapman]
i'm gonna getcha good! [shania twain]
no matter what [badfinger]
long ride home [patty griffin]
be careful [patty griffin]
for what it's worth [the cardigans]