Lari White

Lari White


Green Eyed Soul is the phrase Lari's coined to describe her new music. Retro soul mixed with trippy pop, Southern gospel and Steely Dan on the side.


On her sixth album, Green Eyed Soul, million-selling artist Lari White makes a radical left turn, away from the successful safety of her country-pop past, with a fresh sound that digs deep into the soul and R&B influences her albums have only hinted at before. This collection of songs, the most personal of her career, ranges from post-feminist ranting to the gospel message of love, with themes of intimacy, commitment and lost innocence.

“I wanted to create an environment, an experience that was deeply evocative of groovier times past – Al Green, Marvin Gaye – but tripped up, slightly disturbed. I wanted to lay a groove that would make people want to make love, not just f**k, and I wanted to get a couple of things said without preaching.”

To make the record she wanted to make, Lari knew she needed time and freedom, two commodities often in short supply as a major label recording artist, so she built her own creative home, Skinny WhiteGirl Records, and took the helm as sole producer for this project. Building on loops she programmed in Acid (Sonic Foundry’s stellar looping software), Lari enlisted a band of top-shelf musicians to create a unique mix of retro and cutting-edge sounds, and the result is all vibe and groove.

It’s been a long, interesting trip since Lari’s first release, “Lead Me Not,” which she produced with Rodney Crowell in 1993. A few of her musical accomplishments include being nominated as ACM Top New Female Vocalist, touring with George Strait and Alan Jackson, writing songs for Tammy Wynette and Lonestar, and going gold with her second album, Wishes. Lari also has three Grammy Awards for her contributions to Sparrow’s Amazing Grace series and “The Apostle” movie soundtrack.

Her acting talents are now beginning to turn heads as well. She recently made her film debut in the Robert Zemeckis blockbuster Cast Away, capturing the imaginations of moviegoers everywhere as “The Girl At The Crossroads” in the famous final scene with Tom Hanks. She also played the lead role of Lisa Love on CMT’s original pilot “On Music Row.”

Lari performed to a standing-room only crowd at the 2002 South By Southwest Music Conference as the “world premiere” live introduction to Green Eyed Soul, and will be performing in Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago and Nashville over the next few months to promote the release of the album in August.


Solo Albums:
“Stepping Stone” (Lyric Street) July 1998
“Best Of Lari White” (RCA) January 1997
“Don’t Fence Me In” (RCA) January 1996
“Wishes” (RCA) January 1994 RIAA Certified Gold
“Lead Me Not” (RCA) January 1993

Compilation Albums:
“Country Goes Raffi”
“The Apostle” Soundtrack (Rising Tide) Grammy Award Best Southern Gospel Recording
“Amazing Grace I” (Sparrow) Grammy Award Best Southern Gospel Recording
“Amazing Grace II” (Sparrow) Grammy Award Best Southern Gospel Recording

Set List

Lari’s new show is all Green Eyed Soul, with sets up to 90 minutes, and variable band configurations of 4, 7, and 10 pieces. Get ready to groove…