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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Having A Lark"

- Mail and Guardian

"Lark-Razbliuto!" - The Muso

"Razbliuto Review" - Mio

"Lark" - JHB LIVE/Paul Blom




Mouth of Me, ep 2005
Razbliuto, album 2006
Mouth of Me, album 2007

Receiving Good Radio play!!!

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Lark has been together since April 2003 and is a four piece electronica band originating from Cape Town, South Africa. The greatest thing about LARK is that they make visual music. Experiencing LARK live is completing the circle of senses. They create a canvas of sound through electronic beats, audio manipulation and organic instrumentation and of course voice that leaves the listener no choice but to zone in and illustrate. This is why they have been getting so much additional film work. Their performances are energetic and dark but soft and moving and theatrical. They really use the duality concept. LARK is the marriage between the digital and the organic contrasted by operatic vocal infidelities and panther like growls.

Ressel is the producer and sound designer for Lark. Also known for his solo endeavours as Humanizer, Paul has released his music on various local and international labels including Colony (UK) and Timecode (RSA). Paul’s musical history is heavily steeped in rock music. Having played in numerous bands since the age of 11, he mastered guitar, drums, bass guitar and keyboards. The cross over into the electronic realm stemmed from an instinctive ability to build an entire composition from scratch. While studying design, he discovered the electronically produced music of Amon Tobin, APhex Twin, Squarepusher and other WARP record artists. When Radiohead, a major alternative rock influence released KID A, Paul began to experiment in previously unknown genres, curious to see where his rock origins could take him in the unknown world of electronically produced music. Within months Paul had released on UNIT-R records on 2 compilations distributed internationally. He has also been nominated for a SAMA for best production on Colfield Mundi’s debut album, ‘Ceremony’.

Lark’s lyricist and vocalist is Inge Beckmann. Her talent has earned her the reputation as one of South Africa’s leading female singers. She has offered her haunting voice for collaborations with the likes of Marcus Wormstorm(Sweat.x, Real Estate agents) Sibot (RealEstate Agents) and MANY other local and international artists! Inge is a self trained singer in opera and jazz. She has had extensive training in dance(jazz, ballet, flamenco) and has recently launched her career in acting. She has been exercising her talents since an early age. Her first public performance began in the cape town Jazz scene with local jazz musos. Inge has also starred in various music videos for Russia, Germany and South Africa. She has featured in commercial film productions flighted locally and internationally and was the lead in a MTV International commercial called ‘Nightswimmer’. She also starred as one of the leading voice talents in local animation triumphs, ‘A Tale of How’, produced by the Blackheart Gang. A prolific songwriter, Inge began to look for an alternate outlet for her music, something more personal and unconstrained. One evening she heard Humanizer( Paul Ressel) at a party and she instantly knew this was the producer she was looking for. After playing the scene as a duo for a year they decided to expand the band.

Simon Ratcliffe aka ‘Fuzzy’ is Lark’s multi-instrumentalist and studio engineer. His instrumentation for Lark includes double bass, Armenian oboe and flute. Simon is also a three time SAMA Award nominee for his work as a studio engineer. Fuzzy began his musical journey playing jazz and swing trumpet, ultimately moving on to other wind instruments such as flute and sax. While he has played bass for years he first started playing upright bass with Capetonian Trip Hop pioneers ‘Raygun’ and has since moved on to various eastern and world instruments, such as the Armenian Daduk, Indian Bansuri and Egyptian Ney flute. Over the years he has played as a session and studio musician for BMG, Edu Niederlander, BVK and the like. He’s also been involved in various theatre productions under the directorship of Graham Weir, Matinus Basson, Chris Weare and Megan Chortiz. A sound engineer by profession and owner of Sound and Motion Studios, Fuzzy originally hooked up with Lark as their studio engineer and occasional session musician. With over a decade in the sound industry behind him, he’s worked with various local acts as well as international acts such as INXS, UB-40, Steven Spielberg’s “Dreamworks” and the BBC. He has been nominated for 3 SAMA’s as well as a Sithengi Short award, Jamison Short Award, Vita Award, Fleur de Cap Award and Leories.

Sean Ou Tim aka ‘Mr Sakitumi’ is the newest member of the band on drums. Another multi-instrumentalist, Sean is one of the most sought after session musicians in the country, collaborating and performing with the likes of Max Normal, Battery9,Urban Creep, Naked, Strait&Narro, Freshly Ground, Henry Ate and the legendary Rodrigues! Sean has performed abroad at various major international festivals such as Pukkelpop (Belgium),Lowlands(Netherlands), Nante fest(France),Hove fest(Belgium),