Larkin Mayberry IV

Larkin Mayberry IV

 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Beautiful melodies, illustrious harmonies. Captivating the soul. Larkin Mayberry IV writes bare bones music with a strong sense of melody and purpose. Part ambient, part indie, part soul; it's unnoticeably illustrious. Music that haunts and heals.


As a young child influenced by soul and gospel, and growing into a love of folk, rock, and blues, Larkin Mayberry IV tries to write music with inescapable melodies and soulful endeavor.

Mostly self-taught, then studied classical and jazz guitar for two years in college. He fronted a few rock bands in Boston (playing the WBCN rock and roll rumble) before moving to Pittsburgh and spending his time writing solo material.


paper boats

Written By: Paul Rouse

. . . and the rows of olden dreams outside your door.
. . . and the plains are coming now into war.
I've cursed it all on the border lines

. . . and the palace stays, calling out your own.
. . . and pulse of screams i have not known.
Starts it all on the other side

It's crawling out of me.
Curse it all on the other side.

. . . and the irons scrawl amazement of their own.
. . . and the eye rose to fall at your home.
Wait it all out for another life.

We're just paper boats at sea.
Cursed to fall at your own device.

bills need collectin'

Written By: Paul Rouse

my baby done left me
she's workin' all day
while i'm wasting away
to nothing
the bills need collectin'
but i'm jobless and broke
and life is a joke
on everyone

i called on an angel
to take me away
he just prayed every day
for everyone
that when troubles keep mountin'
you're never alone
despite what you've known

in the parlour

Written By: Paul Rouse

skies coming down to the floor
I never could see
how you fell into me.
Imagine that you left more than your words
alone in the hall
they'll knock at your door.

and the market's callous state
when you're in the maze
find a lighter way
and the puppet's case in love
is always a sale
better watch where you're going

in the parlour awake at night
girl, I better go
fine lockets and soul.


Written By: Paul Rouse

... is all I've got
Passing on without a thought
of what I am, and what I'm not
and how to define love.

Wading through these shades of blue
I don't have much, this is true
But what I have I'll give to you.
It's how we define love.


Words are said to pacify.
Actions speak to justify.
Jesus, he was crucified.
All to define love.

These are the chances to
Give the hand you've wanted to
What is right can't be untrue
It's how we define love.
It's how we define love.


The Wagon Wheel EP (2008)

Set List

Typically 30-45 minute sets. Originals sparsely peppered with old covers.

paper boats
fix yourself
in the parlour
no slumber
might as well give up again
waiting for anderson
bills need collectin'
battery song
the rising sea
blue baker
falling down the hallway in a celestial mausoleum
keep angels under covers
evening at chelmsford

various cover songs from time to time. i like to slip in beautiful lesser known songs from artists like costello, elliott smith, radiohead, aa bondy, graham coxon, grant lee buffalo, and various others.