Working class music for the under appreciated. Songs that tell stories, music that grabs you. Beats, guitars, synths, atmospheric vocals, The words and the way they are song take you to a place you can relate with. Telling the world that it isn't ok, and that you can do something about it.


Deep in the heart of the Black Country Larm has been part of a working class background in a suffering City. Born completely blind and gradually gaining his sight taught him alot about the world around him. The music he writes tells of a struggle, with songs about the dehumanization of the City around him, lack of opportunities, love and loss. However it isn't all doom and gloom, crowd pleasers like Absent Friends and Democratic Republic, up beat pop driven songs, prove that Larm is not just an underground artist and can appeal to all audiences.

The songs are designed to take the listener on a journey, through a City with no soul, with a boy with a broken heart, fighting to stay alive. Larm's myspace page has had over 6,500 listens in a short space of time, and his page is gaining more and more popularity. Larm's music capture the current generation of young people who have no idea what their life is going to give them, this is shown by a very loyal following.

Larm is influenced by Radiohead, Bjork, Neil Young, Bob dylan, Soulwax, Simian Mobile Disco, Bright Eyes, and many more.

Reviews in the past has likened his music to that of Get Cape Wear Cape Fly and Bright Eyes


Sunbeam St (early release)
Skysongs EP (
The Crave EP
Monster (single)
The Gin Demo EP (live recordings)

Set List

Current setlist is:
You & Me
Simmonds Place
Everything that follows
Birmingham Tonight
All the idiots are laughing

around 30 - 35 mins