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The best kept secret in music


"Laromlab on"

Laromlab is a chiptune maestro. Chiptunes (also called “micro-music” and a few other cute titles) is music composed in a format whereby all the sounds are synthesized in realtime by a computer or video game console sound chip, instead of using sample-based synthesis. To understand and appreciate what that means, one needs only to have been a video game addict in the days of Commodore 64, Atari or the almighty Nintendo Entertainment System.

Laromlab makes sound the old fashioned way, with an Atari 1040STE, an Atari Falcon 030, & a Commodore 64. It’s only modern sequencing and arranging software that is used to bind all the different chip sounds together into a single track.

I’ve been a fan of Laromlab for a bit, but when he sent us these Daft Punk remixes (or what I’d consider covers), I knew I had to share:

MP3: Daft Punk - Around the World (Laromlab’s 2A03 mix)

MP3: Daft Punk - Aerodynamic (Laromlab’s NES Advantage Mix)

How cool is that? It’s nostalgic, yet fresh!

Laromlab is currently signed to Mushpot Records and he’s got some nice original tracks on his MySpace that you ought to hear. 8-bits is more than enough to get funky. -

"Laromlab part of remix Sunday 74" - Palmsout Sounds Blog

"Spramp the World 7: daft Punk Redux"

No trip is ever complete without a traveling anthem. This one I've chosen isn't so much for my project of going to Iceland, but more generally inspired by the overall idea of Spramp[ing] the World. This song is the first one that fits the bill. But first some back-story: I discovered Daft Punk when I first went to London in 1997 on a whim with my friend Cali. It was while I was getting my hair dyed at a funky salon that the peeps in there had "Around the World" playing. The song (and the album Homework) thereafter became a permanent fixture in my CD player. Whenever I hear this song now, I always attach it to that spontaneous trip to London. I'm also totally pleased that peeps are still lovin' it today as much as I do.

I nominate this superb remix of "Around The World" by Laromlab as the theme-song to Spramp the World. It adds a special synth-layer to an already fantastic song! (Makes me want to bust out my Atari!) Check it and enjoy! -

"Laromlab Daft Punk Remix review in Spanish!!"

O que define um clássico? Quando uma música deixa de ser hype para ser referência de um estilo, de uma época ou de uma geração inteira? O remix de hoje é uma releitura de um clássico, uma música genial que tinha um clipe absurdo de um diretor bestial. Around the World foi o primeiro single do duo francês Daft Punk lançado em 1997. Responsável pela explosão do duo mundialmente e seu debut, Homework, Around the World viciava com sua linha de baixo bem marcada e repetitiva, as 144 repetições da frase robótica around the world e suas batidas disco. Dez anos depois, um Dj americano faz o seu remix da música em um computador Atari de 8 bits e dá uma nova interpretação ao som robótico do Daft Punk. Escute aí embaixo a versão 8 bits do Dj Laromlab e entenda porquê Around the World virou um clássico. -

"RFC Interviews Laromlab"

"Armed with a laptop, 8-bit music software and a sexy interpretive dancer, Laromlab rocks his audiences with a unique brand of electronic music he calls "Crisco Disco." " - Radio Free Chicago

"Laromlab "Combat School""

"Dancey, Commodore 64 generated tunes for fans of Nintendo and Beck’s “Gameboy Variations EP” even though Laromlab did it first…" - KURE FM

"Dj Turns Computer, games into musical vehicle"

"Harrod makes music that takes brains and hand-eye coordination. He incorporates Commodore 64, NES, and Gameboys to squish together disparate sounds and make them into dance numbers" - Quad City Times


"S/t" CD (Mushpot Records 2008)
"Combat School" (self released CD 2006)
"Hate the Player Not the Gameboy" (self released CD 2005)
"Gameboy Chronicles"(self released CDEP 2005)
"That Blood Is For Real" CD (Komplott Records 2004)

Available at:;

Radio play: WWHR 91.7FM
WFKY- Kentucky
KURE FM - Iowa
Chiptunes Radio XM
WZRD FM - Chicago
WMUC 88.1FM - Maryland
WRFL 88.9 FM - Lexington, KY
KUCI 88.9 FM - Irvine, CA

Compilation CD:
"OUR" - 2005 OUR Records compilation CD
"The New Breed" - WWHR 91.7 FM Compilation
"Sounds Good To Me" Compilation

-Solipsisticnation podcast:


Press/Plays on the following:
Suicide and Disko
Keeping it Right Radio
Sirius Radio "DJ JAMAD/Tastefullicks"
Street Party Radio
Transonic Frequencies
Tokyo No Poru Desu(Japan)
Kann ingen Sorg forr mir Goieborg(Germany)
Everything You Love to Hate



Laromlab is a chiptune maestro. And what are chiptunes? Chiptunes are songs composed in a format whereby all the sounds are synthesized in real time by a computer or video game console sound chip, instead of a sample-based synthesis. To understand and appreciate what this means, one needs only to have been a video game addict in the days of the Commodore 64, Atari or the almighty Nintendo Entertainment System.

Equipped with an arsenal of Atari 1040STE, Atari Falcon 030, Commodore 64 emulators, samplers and laptops, Laromlab -- the nom-de-tune of Brandon Harrod -- calls out every 80’s child to the dance floor through the classic blips of old school video game systems.

As Laromlab’s profile has grown, so has the attention – both good and bad. Noted remix website recently shared Laromlab’s chiptune reinterpretations of two Daft Punk classics only to be informed that they would have to be removed shortly thereafter. No matter – the cuts are already becoming as popular in Los Angeles clubs as the originals! DJ AM and MSTRKRFT have gotten down to Laromlab’s version of Daft Punk’s “Around The World”.

Laromlab’s consistent and prolific blend of crunchy electro, layered blips and punk influenced grooves a la Bitshifter, the aforementioned Daft Punk and Justice (word has it that Justice’s Gaspard Augé is a fan) piqued the interest of Mushpot Records in 2007. Based in Bowling Green, Kentucky, Harrod had been tweaking his chiptunes in his home studio for years, resulting in the self-released albums Gameboy Chronicles, Hate The Player Not The Gameboy and Combat School. Now, Mushpot’s partnership with Laromlab has resulted in the self-titled Laromlab album!!

What are people saying about laromlab?

"Laromlab sound like they could have made the background music that was coming out of your Game Boy in 1989. " - The L Magazine

"style reminiscent of an 8-bit, low-budget Daft Punk " -

"It sounds like the Super Mario Brothers commanding the decks at Paris’ Respect." - The L.A. Times

“8-bits is more than enough to get funky.”–

"Laromlab employs 8-bit video game sound chips to fashion “Chiptunes:” music redolent in Atari ambience... Mario and Donkey Kong can only wish they had such hip tunes accompanying them." - Christian Carey(music historian)

"As you listen to his 8-bit mastery, imagine if there were anything at all that could make it better. Chances are the answer will be no. Hats off sir. This is pure pleasure!" -

"Imagine all your favourite 80s video game characters decided to form a dance band" - Quick Before It Melts

"Son Electro-bizarro. Tout droit sorti de ma vieille GameBoy. J’adore :-)