A dynamic spiritually charged musical styling of...LARRAINIA...a refreshing composer-singer/songwriter of gospel music


Many music fans have preconceived idea of what 'gospel music' sounds like. But upon hearing the sophomore release by Georgia-based singer Larrainia, 'I Walk The Road,' gospel music is certainly not as easy to classify as it once was. For example, in the uptempo, album opening title track, elements of modern day blues can be detected in both the vocals and guitar work. Elsewhere, "You Say Ask" is a funky yet restrained number, and while you may assume that a song with the title of 'Hallelujah!' would be uptempo and celerbratory, it's a surprisingly laid back affair. Larrainia took her talent to the next level and composed an instrumental music mixed with classical and jazz "Walk In His Glory."

"My style of gospel music is not the traditional gospel," explains Larrainia. Gospel itself refers to good news - my purpose is to deliver good news of deliverance with my style of music."

One of the reasons for such a 'sonic variety' on 'I Walk The Road' is the input of John Rogers, a member of the R&B band Lakeside, which had a string of hits during the early-mid '80s.

But Larrainia points out that her latest release has plenty of personal connections throughout. "'I Walk The Road' refers to my struggles, hurt, and disappointments in my life. I realized that because of my faith, I do not have to travel this road of life alone. I hope sharing my experiences will touch someone in need to know that he or she is not alone."

"My eclectic background influences my style." Larrainia's interest in music started at a young age. "Since nine months old, I was raised by my stepfather, Chinese born from Hong Kong, who married my mother - biracial African-AmericanCherokee/Cree Native American, and white.' My mother wanted the best for me so I was groomed to listen to pop music and classical and my favorite aunt loved jazz.

And lastly, Larrainia points out the two separate meanings of her unique name. "One - It is a transformation from a child to a woman. Larrainia is my first name but second name {Patsy} was used as a child. Two - Someone I knew who died from AIDS said that my first initial "L" means that I lift up people's hearts."

As evidenced by 'I Walk The Road' and upcoming performance, Larrainia will soon be lifting many people's hearts.


I Walk The Road

Written By: Larrainia (Patton) Goodloe

CHORUS: I walk the road
I walk the road with you, Lord
I walk the road
I walk the road
I walk the road with you, Lord
I walk the road
I walk the road
I walk the road with you, Jesus
I walk the road.

VERSE: You showed you care for me
You carried me when I am weak
Always there as a friend
My protector to the end.
I've been misunderstood
Yet your love is so deep
Lord, you know what I am
By the blood you shed for me.

CHORUS: Repeat
VERSE: You shed your tears for me
Experienced my pains and needs
Bore my sickness and disease
Your love gave me victory.
Never had love like yours
Never been treated so special
Never had a friend like you
O Jesus, made me brand new.

CHORUS: Repeat
BRIDGE: You never forsaken me
You wiped away my tears
Gave your promised word
I have nothing to fear.

CHORUS: Repeat

You Say Ask

Written By: Larrainia (Patton) Goodloe

CHORUS: You say ask you shall receive, believe it in my heart, it shall be done for me.
You say ask you shall receive, believe it in my heart it shall be done for me.

VERSE: My face to the sun,
Hands up to the sky,
Searching for you Lord
The problems with my answer.
Lord, I've come far,
High in the mountains,
Away from busy life,
Noisy sounds in the traffic.
Here I am before you, Lord,
My hands stretching high
To reach the sky
To touch your face.
Like a red balloon,
With my prayer request,
Let it fly away
Release it by faith.

CHORUS: Repeat
BRIDGE: Raise my hands,
Glory to the Lord,
Believe it in my heart
It shall be done for me.
Don't be defeated,
Rise to your feet
And stand strong,
It shall be done for me.
No matter how stressful
Problems may seem,
Believe it in my heart
It shall be done for me.

CHORUS: Repeat


CD Album titled "I Walk The Road" includes a list of songs heard on

Set List

1. I Walk The Road 3.58
2. Hallelujah! 3.54
3. Jesus Is My Song 5.06
4. It's Time To Praise The Lord 3.31
5. You Say Ask 3.39
6. Raindrops of Love 5.24
7. The Lord's Favor 3.52
8. God Bless Our Love 4.27
9. Walk In His Glory 7.35
10. Blues Not Home 4.23