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Larry Leadfoot

Sydney, Australia | Established. Jan 01, 2011

Sydney, Australia
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Metal Gothic


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"Larry Leadfoot - Hellxotica |self-released, 2015| 4/5"

Larry Leadfoot - Hellxotica |self-released, 2015| 4/51. Leviathan, 2. Discarnate (War Planet), 3. Psychological Warfare, 4. SWAB, 5. HellxoticaIn Australia, where the band comes from, seasonal wildfires are hardto control. And such is Larry Leadfoot's music on their debut EP - onceignited, the musicians try to suppress the flames through dousing themwith more fuel. The audible influences stretch between djent, prog,death metal, and grindcore, since the musicians are fans of StrappingYoung Lad, Meshuggah, Mr. Bungle, Death, King Diamond, Slayer, andJohn Zorn amongst many other established names. Tension and thrillsare dominant in most of the five songs present on this EP - expect a lot of excitement. 'Leviathan' opens the EP with darkness and gravity. Knotty and down-tuned guitar riffs are skillfully mixed with drumbeats. Growled vocals sound murky, and are a bit on the noisy side, but are actually not present too muchthroughout the track. By the end of this song (and the whole release), it becomes clear that the material has beenwritten to smash listeners to pieces with instrumentation rather than vocal parts. The arrangements sound steady,somewhat hypnotic when the tempo slows down and guitars start rattling in the background, yet they do not repeatoften. All this diversity and additional sound effects here intrigue the ear to discover what’s next.The only entirely instrumental composition, 'Discarnate (War Planet)' starts on a buzzy, heavy and slowly note. Thinkof Godflesh with its weariness but also everything else that sludge can offer. The song brings a very dark, cinematicatmosphere, so it instantly triggers one’s imagination. Upon reaching the middle of the song, the music goes for a'binary' flavor, as if becoming further disintegrated digitally. This, in turn, leads to a sudden end.The intro to 'Psychological Warfare' uses a slow blend of bass, down-tuned guitar and contrasting high-pitchedriffage, while the accompanying drum beat is distinctive and fast. Think of arrangements heard in canon black ordeath metal tracks where darkness and fire prevail. The vocals sound as if coming from the deep pits down below -hidden, growled, tormented, and screamy at times. The wall of sound assaults the ears though a tightly packedguitars-drums cannonade. The band surely know how to control the mood through slowing down or speeding up.'SWAB' is like a raging fiery tornado on the brink of releasing its compressed tension. The expertly chosen diversityof arrangements plays a significant role here. Drumming and down-tuned, chunky guitars are accented first, while acontrasting rhythm guitar riff along with soloing are enriching the background. There are high-speed flights andstopovers, as well. The vocals are based on a steady leitmotif utilizing deep growls and screams - but again, soundas if coming from beneath the surface. The tempo changes are quite unexpected but they allow you to adjust tothem comfortably. And just when you expect all that diabolical atmosphere to end, the arrangements and rhythmtake a different turn, pushing into another hell-gate. The band add more sonic fuel in parts where the flames needto be ignited - to suck in and then purge your soul through your ears. The trio make the most of their instruments1/2
here and perhaps reach the maximum power possible. This track, along with 'Psychological Warfare' may be the bestrepresentation of Larry Leadfoot's song writing and performance skills at this stage.'Hellxotica' begins noisily, a manifest of the in-your-face method. The song takes you to a battlefield whereinstruments fight one another. Mad drumming meets unpredictable arrangements brought by guitars and bass -faster, louder, more intense each time. A bit of the pent-up tension is released by the end of the EP, finishing on aslower, droning, and fading-out note.Larry Leadfoot’s crew are very skilled and cooperate dynamically. It's a pure joy to hear them play together, butalso let your ear follow individual instrumentation paths. The band was formed in Sydney in 2011, but Aaron White(guitars, bass) and Nick Parkinson (drums) have been friends since their childhood years. They met Tama Makiiti(vocals) at an audio college several years later. Larry Leadfoot plays shows in Australia, making the best of theirhard-hitting music through live application.On the technical side, instrumental parts have definitely been prioritised - they are produced and mastered verywell. Vocals seem to have secondary focus, yet they could have benefitted from improved loudness and depth tocomplement overall production quality. It is worth noting that Hellxotica was mixed and mastered by Jocke Skogwho is best known for his involvement with Clawfinger.For the purpose of this review, the music was streamed directly from Bandcamp. Hopefully the high qualitydownloads you can purchase through the band's online store sound better.(Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz, Fabryka Music Magazine, December 20th, 2015, on: - Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz (CEO) Fabryka Music Magazine


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Formed in 2010 in Sydney, Australia. Gone through many different members, the most consistent of whom were the drummer, guitarist and vocalist. Done many shows around NSW. Were the first ever extreme metal band to perform at Nimbin Mardi Grass in 2014. Did a side show up in Brisbane and gained a fan base. The 3 consistent members started work on an EP in late 2011 which was released in 2015.
Unfortunately the guitarists and the vocalists hearts weren't truly in it and when things started to get more 'real' they bailed. Therefore the drummer is in the process of forming a new, more professional band to continue performing the material from the EP as well as writing new songs in the hope of once again touring both nationally and internationally.

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