Larry and Shar

Larry and Shar


We believe music is a medium to get a message out to the public. We want to convey positive, life changing lyrics and challenge people to live fuller lives.


The music of Larry and Shar consists of thought provoking lyrics combined with an accoustic sound and laryers of harmonies. Musically our influences would include artists such as Micheal W. Smith, Carman and Dallas Holms. Lyrically our inspiration would largely be the Bible and life situations. A goal of ours through our music would be to challenge people to start thinking in a more eternal manner rather than what's good for right now. We consider it a privilage and an honor to share our music with others.


Up until May 2006 we were with a band called 'Good News' and with this band we released our first c.d. simply titled Good News. There are several songs recieving airplay throughout North America and the U.K. off of this c.d.. Songs such as When Everybody Prays, I Believe, Good News, and Consume Me. After that we branched off on our own as 'Larry and Shar' and released a 4 song Christmas e.p. of which all four songs are recieving air play throughout Norh America and the U.K.

Set List

Depending on our venue our set lists could be 3 sets of 20 minutes, 2 sets of 30 minutes or a straight one-two hour concert.