Larry Brown (LB)

Larry Brown (LB)

 Loveland, Colorado, USA

I am a sing/songwriter solo artist. My style format is a Country Blues mixture. I have been performing live for two years now.


I started playing when I was 17 in the small town of Bryan Texas. My first song on the radio was called "On the Border LIne" With the help of a talent artist named Kris Nelsen. We wrote, produce and promoted the song. It got a lot of attention back in 88'. Between 1995 and 2009, I had quite playing and writing. After my divorce I felt like picking up the guitar again but had limited funds to buy one. So in a prayer I said to God, If you want me to play and write again you will have to give me a guitar. Within a week a man walked up to me and told me that God told him to give me a guitar. So In 2009 I started playing and writing again. This is my passion and Second love.


Sail on Summer Breeze

Written By: Larry Brown

Memories, sail on summer breeze
Memories, like the beauty of a water lily
Are the memories of you and me
Are the memories of you and me
Steamboat on the Mississippi
On a hot and July day
The band is playing
Two lovers dancing in the rain
Fireworks lighting up the Tenn. Sky
Just like the fire and the light in your eyes
Under the moonlight
By the riverside
We made love
By the candle light
The waves are crashing
The ambers are flickering
Just like the fire
That burns deep inside


I do have profile and songs on {!/lbrown51}. I have many more that are yet to be recorded. I would like to get some of my material that is already listed to be remixed. The song "I still Dream of You" is number 2 in Loveland Colorado. When I lived in Dallas it was number 14 at one point.