Larry Burnett

Larry Burnett


Former and founding member of 70's recording artists' as he began...captivating crowds with his character-ridden voice and compelling guitar accompaniments...and, of course, those edgy, evocative songs. Visit


Diving a cab in DC in the late 60's-early 70's...playing acoustic venues (Cellar Door, JAMF, et al) on the side. The attention of Cellar Door staff played out into introductions to the line of performers coming thru. Introduced to Rick Roberts (Flying Burrito Brothers, Solo) and FIREFALL was born a year later. Post-Firefall songwriting continued with an ever-maturing approach and take on life, in general. No one observes it (or writes it and sings it) quite like Larry. Regularly receives standing ovations from intelligent (and slightly drunk) sold-out crowds.


Holdin' On For Dear Life

Written By: Larry Burnett

I’ve been snowbound, under the weather
I’ve been thrown down, never felt worse
That’s all behind me and I’m getting’ better
Whatever it was, it just was, we’ll call it a curse

It’s been a long time in between lovers
They were the wrong kind they wouldn’t try
You’re pretty different from all of those others
If you don’t stay, it’s okay, I ain’t gonna die

I’ve been holdin’ on for dear life
Things get better, I know
Holdin’ on for dear life
Swear I’ll never let go

I’m kinda cold-hearted, but frequently tender
Just tryin’ to get started, tryin’ to get by
I ain’t a rich man and I ain’t no pretender
I never could act, that’s a fact, so I don’t even try


Tell me you love me, tell me that lie
I know you’ll never give it up to some guy
I’ll never lose you even after you’ve gone
Don’t want to confuse you, you ain’t done nothin’ wrong

We’ll never know why it even happened
It’ll just go by and no one will know
I’ll be a-cryin’ and you’ll be a-laughin’
Dyin’ inside, we’ll both hide and nothin’ll show


© 1996 WeedSongs Music Publishing

Learn The Dance

Written By: Larry Burnett

I’ve been on the road for a long time
I’m missing the old neighborhood
It doesn’t take long
To see this road isn’t going
Anywhere you were told that it would

I’ve seen a tumble of life on the roadside
They started out lookin’ okay
But Millionaire Joe
And the poor man both know
It’s the work that you do, not the pay

Learn the dance
Choose your side, take some pride in your stance
Learn the dance, learn the dance
Can’t you see this could be your last chance

It’s so hard to discuss a direction
With a million men going there, too
So you strike out alone
You find your way home
And you stop, sit down and review

But we all start running together
And you hope you’re not the first to go down
So, you lengthen your stride
Then you start to take pride
In the way that you cover the ground
You’ve learned the dance

You know you can’t rely on all the moves you had before
The things that you got high on, they’re not working anymore
There’s lightning through the windshield
And the road is not the same
You’re playing on a new field
And it’s a very different game

It’s so easy to feel you’ve been cheated
Out of something that you might’ve got right
But, nobody knows
Where the gambler goes
When he wanders off into the night

But, there’s a banner above you that’s flying
The wind feels cool in your face
No more running away
You’ve decided to stay
Use your heart and you might win this race


© 1996 WeedSongs Music Publishing


Wrote half the material on the original 6 FIREFALL albums...played guitar and sang on all off it. Solo "Confidence Game" released in 2005. New CD "Guitars & Vocals" Released November '09

Set List

I play one set per audience...15- 20 songs...1-1.5 hours