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"Is LC the best in the area?"

As a white R&B/Pop vocalist, Larry Chipps is often called, the next Jon B. But with a new project including not only the genre of R&B, but also Rock, Reggae, and Acoustic. It’s difficult to categorize him alongside the average R&B artist. “I am definitely trying to display my ability and versatility as a songwriter with this album”, says the 23 year old. “I love all styles of music and I wanted to experiment with different genres. I wanted to find out what I was capable of instead of being tied down and limited.”

LM: You’re involved in an interesting new project, bringing in some major players from both the local R&B/Hip-Hop and Rock scenes. Can you give us the lowdown?

LC: It’s definitely a different side of me. I’m showcasing a lot of my talent and I really wanted to test my limits. Hopefully the listeners, my fans, will embrace it. I’m still in the recording process. But as of now, featuring on the R&B/Hip-Hop side will be J.Pich, Parks, Komain, 8th Sin, & Robby Crook. On the “Everything Else” side, I have guest appearances by Tim Burkey (from The Honour Recital), Joshua “J-Wes” Northam, and Dan Cory.

(example) LM: What are your intentions with this album?

LC: I am pushing this album to the limit. I believe that this is my chance to really prove my ability as a musician and as an artist in general. I have a few important contacts in L.A. and Chicago who are waiting for this project once it‘s completed. I’m sending it to them as well as some others who could quite possibly get me on the right path.

LM: Along with singing on this new project, you are also playing a few different instruments. This definitely adds to your credibility as a song writer. Do you have any
kind of training, vocally or instrumentally?

LC: I had piano lessons for about a month when I was 16. My teacher was extremely religious and she made me play really “Churchy” songs. So I decided to bring in my Michael Jackson “History” CD. You know, the album that costs about $30. And I told her I wanted to learn some of his songs. So she took the disc out of my hands, bent it until it cracked, and told me that he needed to be “saved”. And that was pretty much the end of that. Other than that, I taught myself piano and guitar. And I was in choir from 7th to 12th grade.

(example) LM: I grew up around your family. And if someone said the last name, Chipps, you’d automatically think that someone was in trouble. I just remember that the cops were regular visitors at your house. I know that it’s difficult to come out of that environment and pursue something positive. I bet your family’s proud of what you’re doing.

LC: I hope so. I’m trying to help overshadow the negative outlook on our family name by doing something positive and succeeding in music.

LM: I know first hand that you come from a family that listened to nothing but Rock & Roll and Country music. When was it that you were first turned onto R&B?

LC: Yeah, that was the Chipps side. From Lynard Skynard and Guns n Roses, to Hank Williams Jr. and Johnny Cash. But my Dad had another side to him. He listened to a lot of Motown artists like The Supremes and The Temptations. And my Mom still has albums (45’s) of the Jackson 5 and James Brown. So I was a very eclectic listener growing up.

LM: When was it that you first realized that you wanted to be a performer?

LC: I was always a performer. I just didn’t know if I wanted to be a singer, an actor, or a comedian. I loved the attention. My biggest musical influence was Michael Jackson. I also liked Prince, Lionel Ritchie, Stevie Wonder, etc. But MJ was the artist that me want to be a musician. And when I heard Boyz II Men, I knew I wanted to be an R&B artist.

LM: Who would you regard as your main supporters?

LC: Definitely my fiancée Brandi and my parents. And when I say parents, that includes my step-dad Markus and my step-mom Brenda. My whole family really. Between my Mom and Dad’s sides, I’m Native American, German, Italian, and Irish. So my family definitely has my back in whatever J

LM: Speaking of family, congrats on your son Jace. How old is he now?

LC: He’s almost 15 months. He’s the most beautiful person I’ve ever met. Really, he’s my main motivation and influence to succeed. I want to be able to do everything for him. The best education, the best everything. He deserves it.

LM: Out of all of the local artists you’ve worked with, who is it that you’ve built the strongest relationship with?

LC: Well, for one, I’ve worked with a lot of artists. But the artists that I talk to on a regular basis are J.Pich, Sin & Crook, Parks, Gotti, and Komain. And there are others that I’m really cool with but we just don’t conversate that often. I’ve sifted through a lot of artists around here. I’ve figured out who’s real, who’s fake, who’s in it because they love music, and who’s in it for all the wrong reasons. Some people ask me for advice, connects, or just want a feature to make their song catchy. But when you give them what they want, they’re done with you. Those people don’t last long in this game. Because they need others to make it. They can’t do it by themselves. They’re not “Real” artists. I’ve learned how to pick those people out as soon as I meet them.

LM: How was it performing live with the legendary Billy “Stix” Nicks.

LC: He’s an amazing guy. As a person and musician. I just went to the Bistro one night with a friend who introduced me to him. Next thing you know he’s asking me to get on stage and perform with him. He just told me to improvise as his band was playing. And you don’t say no to “Stix“. I still can’t believe I performed with a Motown Legend.

LM: You’ve also had the opportunity to play with some pretty well know and respected national artists including Ice-T, Rakim, and Bizarre of D-12. Have any of these artists given you any advice on the business that you care to share?

LC: After I opened for Ice-T, I went backstage to get my instrumental disc from the DJ. Ice-T was standing right next to me. He said one sentence, “Good shit white boy!”. And that’s my moment with Ice-T. Rakim was really cool and let us get some pics with him. But he had his entire posse surrounding him and Kid Capri. So we couldn’t really chat with him much. And Bizarre just seemed like he wanted to get the hell out of the venue when he was here. Everyone was hounding him for a pic or an interview. He just looked extremely uncomfortable. That’s what happens when you have 20 artists open and everyone wants to get connects. I got his cousin’s number though. He produced half of his album. I still talk to him on the phone and we‘ve got some ideas in the works.

LM: When you perform locally I have noticed that the bills you are on the other artists are predominantly rappers. Do you feel appreciated when you perform on these types of events?

LC: People show me nothing but love at the shows that I’m invited to. Having said that, let me give a quick shout out to Sin & Crook, Gotti Gott Thangz, DJ Strict 9, Komain, 7 Starr, Mentality, and the Blockmonsters.

LM: As an artist, what do you want to accomplish with your music?

LC: Of Course, the ultimate would be to get signed as either a Recording Artist or a Songwriter for a label or production company. People don’t realize how many artists break into the industry as a writer. Ne-Yo has written so many hits for R&B artists before he got his chance as a solo artist. Once your foot is in the door, you can work on getting where you really want to be.

LM: When we first learned about you, you were going under the name LC1. What’s the story behind dropping the 1 off your moniker?

LC: When I was first going by LC1, I was proving a point. After having some complications with a crew that I used to run with. I used the number 1 to symbolize that I was a solo artist. Now that stuff is behind me and I’m personalizing it more by just using my initials. People will still call me LC1 because that’s what they know me as. And I’m cool with that.

LM: Besides the new CD are you involved with any other projects?

LC: Definitely. I’ve always got something new in the works. I’m working with my guy J.Pich on our mixtape entitled “Hybrid”, which is a mixture of R&B and Hip-Hop. That project should be released early Summer. Also working on a Soulful Rock project with J-Wes and Tim Burkey which will be refreshing for me. I’m trying to get on the Hip-Hop and Rock stations at the same time J

LM: In the next few months, where and when can our readers get a chance to see you perform live?

LC: I’m doing a HUGE show with Sin & Crook on May 5th (Cinco De Mayo) at Halftime in Elkhart. They’re gonna have the whole Power 95.7 crew out there along with sponsors by Miller Lite and Hypnotiq . It’s going to be a blast. And I think I’m going to do the Midwest College Tour again this Winter. We made $1800-$2500 a night 2 years ago. We’re trying to get at least 30 shows this time. And keep looking out for my name on a local flyer too.

LM: I’d like to thank you for your time. Is there anything you would like to say in your closing statement.

LC: If you wanna know what Larry Chipps is ALL about. I would recommend listening to this new album. It shows every side of me. If you like at least one song on this disc, whether it be R&B, Rock, Reggae, Acoustic, etc. I can write a hundred songs just like it. Just pick a genre. However, if you can’t find one track off of this album that you like. Chances are my music is not for you. And that’s fine with me. I appreciate a lot of musicians and I think they are very talented. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to buy their album. For those of you who ARE planning to get my album, I want to thank you personally. Because every time I write or perform a song, I do it with passion. And when you listen to me, either live or through the speakers. You know I’m giving you 100%. - Liquid Magazine (Bill Finn)

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2002 - 6 song Demo
2004- "LC1" (33 song Double Disc)
2005- "The Infinite One" (18 tracks)
October 2008- "Dedicated" in all U.S. Best Buy locations



Larry Chipps was born with humble beginnings in South Bend, IN about an hour East of Chicago. At a young age, Larry found a friend in music and comedy as they were a way to escape chaotic situations at home. After Larry's parents separated when he was 9 years old, he became somewhat of a class clown and would use humor as a way to disguise internal anguish.

During an appointment with his family psychologist as a young teen, Larry was diagnosed with ADD. His doctor explained that people with ADD usually contain a very strong passion for things that they love. Larry's love was music.

LC began writing songs at 13 years old. He started with just lyrics and vocal melodies, but shortly after, taught himself piano and guitar to complete full songs. After high school, LC attended a recording arts school in Southern Ohio where he earned a degree in Recording Arts/Music Production. He used these skills to record a 33 song double disc album in 2003. He only manufactured 100 copies as a "test" to see if anyone would enjoy the music he created. After receiving great reviews and comments from fans in his area, he began to work on his debut album titled "The Infinite One" which he released in 2005.

LC's music arsenal contains Pop, R&B, Rock, and Acoustic. As an Artist, he never sets limits or ties himself down to one genre. Every song LC writes is doused with true emotion and is usually autobiographical. He has a catchy, yet, unique sound that listeners can literally feel by the lyrical substance and incredible passion he displays in his live performance.

Along with over 20 local shows (Club Fever, Piere's, the Landing, Century Center, ELCO, etc.), Larry was also part of the NACA tour where he headlined Universities throughout the Midwest. LC has also opened for Ice-T, D-12, Rakim, DJ Kid Capri, Brother Ali, and Inner Circle.

LC is currently recording a brand new album entitled "Dedicated" which includes multiple genres and is set to release in Best Buy stores in late October.