Larry Garrett

Larry Garrett


Songwriter/storyteller. Songs about life, winners, losers, saints, sinners, mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, neighbors, good times and bad times. I'm perfect for coffeehouses, clubs, bars, retirement homes, meetings, house concerts. Family-friendly music for any venue.


I write folk songs about life. Life is a story and I tell that story in my songs. I often have people tell me, "We had a guy like that in our neighborhood," or "Your grandmother sounds like mine." There's the proverbial "common thread" that runs through all of our lives and that thread also makes-up the fabric of my music. We've all got memories, regrets, and old neighborhoods. Those are the birthplaces of my songs. Combine all this with the heavy influences of Johnny Cash, Townes Van Zandt, John Prine and other tortured souls and you get a clear idea of where this songwriter/storyteller is coming from, and why. My songs, even the somber ones, all tend to be uplifting. Family-friendly music.

I have lived in the general Kansas City area my entire life. I currently reside in Independence, Mo. I continuously play local coffeehouses, bars, libraries, retirement homes, churchs, festivals, markets, and songwriter venues.

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Grandpa's Fried Potatoes

Written By: Larry Garrett

Grandpa’s Fried Potatoes by Larry Garrett
(E)Grandpa used to eat fried potatoes.
He liked them most every (B7)night.
But (E)he didn’t just eat them at (A)suppertime.
He said (B7)lunch and breakfast were al(E)right.

Grandpa’d say, “Come sit at my table.”
Grandson, share with me this meal.
In our house we take this love for granted,
But there are places where it’s a big deal.”

Grandpa I didn’t understand it then.
Guess it was over my head.
But now that I’m grown and just a little bit smarter,
I smile at the words you said.

We had lots of food on our dinner table,
And fried potatoes seemed to always be around.
Grandpa said, “Grandson, I bet you didn’t know
That the color of love is golden brown.”

Once when we were eatin’ fried potatoes,
From over by the stove Grandma sneezed.
Grandpa said, “God Bless you, good woman.
And I thank God that you married me.”

Harmonica solo…………….

Nowadays you can still get fried potatoes.
McDonalds‘ and Burger King, they fry‘em by the ton.
But fried potatoes today aren’t filled with love
Like they were back where I come from.

Copyright © Larry Garrett 11-26-06

My Old Neigthborhood

Written By: Larry Garrett

My Old Neighborhood by Larry Garrett 6-06-06 capo 2nd
(G)I ran these (C)streets, when I was a (G)kid.
Old lady (D7)Cartmell, told my folks what I (G)did.
She‘d make kool-aid (C)on hot summer (G)days.
I’d sip it in the (D7)shade.
Eat the cookies she (G)made.
It won’t be (C)back. It’s gone for (G)good.
All except these (D)ghosts
From my old neighbor(G)hood.

(G)Mr. & Mrs. (C)Drake lived right over (G)there.
We played in their (D7)yard. They didn’t (G)care.
He’d wear a ball (C)cap. Get a ball and (G)bat.
And hit grounders to (D7)us.
While we laughed and (G)cussed.
It won’t be (C)back. It’s gone for (G)good.
All except these (D)ghosts
From my old neighbor(G)hood.

Harmonica solo……

(G)This here (C)alley. It runs the whole (G)block.
On hot (D7)evenings folks came out and (G)talked..
Cigarettes (C)glowed. Conversation (G)flowed.
Women talkin’ ‘bout (D7)kitchens.
Men talkin’ ‘bout (G)fishin’.
It won’t be (C)back. It’s gone for (G)good.
All except these (D)ghosts
From my old neighbor(G)hood.

(G)That gray (C)house….where I was (G)raised.
Oh my (D7)Lord, those were some “good ol’ days.”
Grandparents next (C)door, and up two doors (G)more.
Wherever I (D7)roamed,
I was close to (G)home.
It won’t be (C)back. It’s gone for (G)good.
All except these (D)ghosts
From my old neighbor(G)hood.

Harmonica solo……

Guess we should go…before I get depressed.
Yeah, things change….not always for the best.
I grew-up, and innocence left.
Oh, life moves-on.
Those days are gone.
It won’t be (C)back. It’s gone for (G)good.
All except these (D)ghosts
From my old neighbor(G)hood.

It won’t be (C)back. It’s gone for (G)good.
All except these (D)ghosts
From my old neighbor(G)hood.
Copyright © Larry Garrett 06-06-06


Written By: Larry Garrett

Time by Larry Garrett
(C)Once upon a summer’s day, (Am)when I was a child at play
I (Dm)felt time’s gentle, loving touch, but (G)did not think of it too (C)much.
(C)Those were crazy carefree days (Am)with no worries in my way.
Always (Dm)rushing to have more fun. After (G)every day was another (C)one.

But (F)we learn that we all run a (C)road that ends beyond the sun,
And (G7)though we live in blinding light, we (C)can’t escape the dark of (C7)night.
I (F)did not know that summer ends. I (C)thought on time I could depend,
But (G7)life hides its finish line and (C)death gives us no (G)warning (C)sign.

***Musical bridge……C Am Dm G C

I’d say “tomorrows another day,” disregard it as it passed-away.
Pleasure put me in an endless craze. My mind stayed in a cloudy haze.
I only did what I pleased, misusing what God gave to me.
Life and eager flight, a timeless ting. An endless quest….on brittle wings.

I was twenty-one, then thirty-five. What a time to be alive.
I was running here and running there, but I wasn’t going anywhere.
Never stopping to smell the flowers. Never noticing the hour.
Never seeing the gray in my hair, or remembering friends no longer there.

But now I see the fleeting years. My heart is stricken with the fear
That it may now be too late to soothe the hurt and bury the hate.
I know I can’t change the past, but I can’t let dissension last.
There must be something I can do to cross the void between me and you.

Is it foolish for a mortal man to keep trying as long as he can
To change the wrong that’s been done. Maybe the fight can still be won.
Our lives can still be enhanced, if only we offer the “olive branch.”
It won’t hurt to be kind. Do it now while there’s still time.
Copyright © Larry Garrett 01-14-81

Grandma's Legacy

Written By: Larry Garrett

Gramdma’s Legacy by Larry Garrett 6-15-00

My grandma was the rock of our family. The foundation we all stood upon.
It wasn’t a job she was expectin’, but grandpa got sick, then he was gone.
Now grandma was a little-bitty woman…had to speak-up in order to be heard.
But you know what they say about dyn-o-mite: when she spoke you got the word.

You’ve heard about that cross we all carry. Well, grandma, she carried her’s real well.
She could preach fire and brimstone from heaven, or she could be gentle as well.

You know the Good Lord has a way of taking care of, wayward folks like you and me.
He has a very special group of women, who insure that there’s a Grandma’s Legacy.
Instrumental solo.

So many times I had big problems, I was afraid or ashamed to take home.
Grandma’d say, “You have to tell your parents, but you won’t have to tell them alone.”
Oh, Grandma was the crutch I leaned-on. Without her I’d fall flat on my face.
And when she died this little-bitty woman, left such a great big empty space.

Now I know that Grandma’s in heaven. Trust me, that’s where she’s got to be.
Because that’s where God takes care of the women who insure that there’s a Grandma’s Legacy.


Copyright © Larry Garrett 06-15-00


Old Dogs, friends....and other things (2001)

My Old Neighborhood (2008)

*Currently working on another CD: A Rope Around the Wind...and other songs about life.

Set List

I can play from 30 minutes to 2 hours. My sets consist of my own original songs and (if allowed) covers (Johnny Cash, Lovin' Spoonful, and others). My music is typically family-friendly, but in bars I often do some of my earthier songs about infidelity.