Larry Green

Larry Green

 Los Angeles, California, USA

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Spin the Lovin"

Written By: Larry Green

Spin the Lovin’
Words and Music by Larry Green

1. Once again I run around
Search in vain from town to town
Guess I didn’t see the way
Never changed from day to day
Try to show me what to do
Easy way I always knew
Couldn’t follow what you said
Hearing my own mind instead

2. Now I need to find a way
Many things to do today
Never thought it was so bad
All the fun we used to have
Guess that we will be okay
Even with the games we play
All the times I made you mad
We were happy more than sad

Chorus: Spin the lovin’ all around
What goes up must come down
I know everything’s okay
When you say all right today

Spin the lovin’ all around
What was lost what was found?
I know everything’s all right
When you say okay tonight

©2009 Larry Green