Larry Griffith Band

Larry Griffith Band


Larry Griffith is an original blues artist who sings, plays guitar and drums , and is a great, crowd captivating entertainer.


Larry Griffith Band pulls you into their exciting world with an eclectic mix of original, blues based music that flows freely from rollicking booty shaking to thoughtful evocative ballads.


Damn If It Didn't Rain

Written By: Larry Griffith

Well, I prayed for sunshine just to guide my way
Then I prayed all night then I prayed all day
Then I prayed in the chapel trying to void my sins
Then I prayed up the corner then around the bend
Then I prayed for the children out there trying to play
Then I prayed to the Lord that He would keep them safe
Then I prayed for the sinners cause that's what I am
Then I prayed for the courage to be a better man
Then Lord, Lord, Lord --- Damn, If it didn't rain!

Well I prayed for the day when love would lead the way
Then I prayed for a joy that could be sustained
Then I prayed for a notion to dry up the tears
Then I prayed and I prayed for what seemed like years
Then Lord, Lord, Lord --- damn, if it didn't rain!

Well, didn't it rain? Didn't it rain? Lord, didn't it rain?
My good sense tells me nothings going to change
if I keep standing on a bus stop trying to catch a train
Lord, Lord, Lord -- didn't it rain!


High Wire Walkin'
Hard As It Gets

Set List

Better Man/ Oh, My Lawd/You Ain't Walkin'/One Of Us Gots To Go/Without Annette/Lunatic On The Line/Hard As It Gets/Don't Wanna Be Here/Damn, It Didn't Rain/Drivin' Me Away/She's Crazy 'Bout Me/Tired/I Do, I Did, I'm Done/Big Legged Woman w/Good Credit