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"Larry Griffith "High Wire Walkin" Second Heaven Records by Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro"

author: Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro, Blues Editor @
LARRY GRIFFITH "HIGH WIRE WALKIN" SECOND HEAVEN RECORDS BY PETER "BLEWZZMAN" LAURO COPYRIGHT 2006 One definition of the word listen is 'Pay close attention to'. I disagree. Everyone knows that it's certainly possible, and too often quite prevalent, to 'hear', but pay absolutely no 'attention' at all. I think this is especially true with music. Haven't you ever gone to a club and seen a bunch of people 'listening' to the band, 'hearing' the music but paying zero 'attention'? Of course! From time to time, I've even been guilty of this myself. It happens, especially when you do what I do. After listening to so many different CD's, from so many different bands, with so many different styles, the gap between listening and paying attention can and does widen. Then, out of nowhere you'll hear a cd that will make you say "WHOA!" And, before you know it you're paying attention like you're in a room full of over the top drill sergeants. "HIGH WIRE WALKIN", by LARRY GRIFFITH is such a CD. "HIGH WIRE WALKIN", is a perfect mix of funky, soulful and serious blues, all done with severe intensity. LARRY GRIFFITH roams somewhere between Bobby Blue Bland meets Luther Vandross and Little Milton meets Lou Rawls. Joining LARRY on this project, which he co produced; wrote eleven of the twelve tracks; sings all the Lead Vocals; plays the Drums and Rhythm Guitar and sings Background Vocals are: OLIVER WOOD, Lead Guitar and Background Vocals; MARK BENCUYA, Keyboards; TOMMY VICKERY, Bass and Background Vocals; MARCUS JAMES, Saxophone; JON LIEBMAN, Harp; HEAVEN DAVIS, Lead and Background Vocals; RUSTY HAYES and BIG JAMES KNOX on Background Vocals. The opening track, "BETTER MAN", makes a great first impression. Behind some excellent background vocals and some very good lead guitar work by OLIVER, LARRY'S vocals highlight this track and leave you looking forward to hearing more of his wonderful singing style. "YOU AIN'T WALKIN" finds the whole band in a soft, yet very funky groove. In spite of LARRY'S vocals which are a constant highlight, everyone in the band has some nice input on this one. After listening to the next track more times than I could count. I actually called my wife into the room and told her that she had to listen to this song because it may very well be the best duet I have ever heard. "ONE OF US GOTS TO GO" is an absolute masterpiece. HEAVEN DAVIS & LARRY GRIFFITH are too good together for words to describe. This song needs to be heard to actually believe how good it is. I swear, I'm shaking my head in awe as I sit hear listening, again and again. There is more emotion, more soul and more intensity in this song than should be legally allowed. MARK'S phenomenal work on the Hammond Organ and OLIVER'S searing blues riffs on guitar help make this track not only the highlight of this disc but one of the best musical pieces these ears have heard in many a year. "LUNATIC ON THE LINE" & "HEAD OVER HEALS" are two great harmonica tracks. The first is a hot number with several nice harmonica leads by JON, as well as some great rhythm from TOM on bass and LARRY on drums. The second features JON doing some very nice high end Jimmy Reed style of playing. "THIS LOVE OF OURS", as well as several other tracks, is highlighted by very impressive harmonizing and background vocals. This is one of those 'stop what you're doin' and sing along while you snap your fingers' kinda songs. Lots of more good drums, organ and guitar by LARRY, MARK and OLIVER. "RETHINKIN' MY THOUGHTS" is the last track on "HIGH WIRE WALKIN", and it's the only track that features the saxophone. Too bad, MARCUS does a masterful job on it and hearing more of him could have only made this amazing CD that much more amazing. Quite frankly, until I had been asked to give this CD a listen, I had never heard of LARRY GRIFFITH. Now that I have, it is my hope that this writing will help others to discover the musical delight that I just have. Simply put - "Ya gotta get this disc". - CD Baby


High Wire Walkin'
Hard As It Gets



Larry Griffith Band pulls you into their exciting world with an eclectic mix of original, blues based music that flows freely from rollicking booty shaking to thoughtful evocative ballads.