Larry Hanks & Deborah Robins

Larry Hanks & Deborah Robins

 Berkeley, California, USA

"A drop of the pure..." Scott Alarik, Boston Globe
"This is why I got into folk music to begin with"
"The REAL thing, refreshing in it's 'old school' simplicity"
Resonant bass singer, Larry Hanks is an American Songster known as a "folksinger's folksinger" in the mold of Leadbelly, and Sam Hinton.


Festival and club favorite, American Songster: Larry Hanks, has been delighting audiences for decades with his unvarnished, bass vocals accompanied by thoughtfully sparse guitar playing. Known as the "folksinger's folksinger", Hanks, who has been performing for over 50 years, is best known for his interpretation of songs of the American West, Cowboy songs, blues ballads of Leadbelly, the repertoire of Sam Hinton, works of Utah Phillips, Malvina Reynolds, and thoughtful takes on American vernacular song. Together with his wife and singing partner, Deborah Robins, Hanks constructs close, unusual harmonies for charming delivery of their eclectic song selection. Hanks is a sought-after Jew's Harp player, who is considered by many to be the leading practitioner in the United States of this elusive instrument. Larry Hanks has performed with Utah Phillips, Jody Stecher, Malvina Reynolds, Martyn Wyndham-Read, Roger Perkins, Elizabeth Cotten, Janis Joplin, Mike Marker, and many more.


Tying a Knot in the Devil's Tail (1983 Larry Hanks solo album)
The Truth for Certain (2002 Larry Hanks with Mike Marker)
No Hiding Place (2010 Larry Hanks & Deborah Robins)

Larry Hanks also can be heard on the following albums:
David Grisman: Not for Kids Only (Acousticdic)
Jody Stecher & Kate Brislin
Berkeley Farms (compilation, Smithsonian Folkways)
Kenny Hall (with the Sweet's Mill String Band, Philo Records)
Alan Senauke, Wooden Man (Native & Fine Records)
Suzy Thompson: Stop and Listen (Arhoolie Records)