Larry Mayer

Larry Mayer

 Staten Island, New York, USA

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My Little Girl's Room

Written By: Larry Mayer

Sitting in my little girls room,
Thinking back on a lifetime since
Emerging from her mothers womb.
Uncertain future I'm bound to wince.

Where she been, well, its plain to see,
Dolls and posters her own TV.
A cluttered desk and a telephone;
The things that claim a life at home.

At home in her room.
Every weekday morning its off to school she zooms.
And when her day is done,
Its home to room she runs.
And flying through the air she settles on her bed,
comfy and fed.
And on her desk the books she's read at home.

Standing at my little girl's room-
Recalling how I could just walk in...
Now I know that knocking’s presumed.
The lines less gray and oh so thin.

Where she's going is much less clear.
She no longer zooms, she has learned to steer.
Bras and lipstick and going steady!
I'm not sure for this I'm ready!


Sitting in my little girl's room
I smooth the guest bed, the closet’s bare.
Thinking that she's left home to soon
In memories I look back and stare.

Where she is is less plain to see,
And I know thats where she wants to be
But a thousand miles away she's living!
Why is it from home their driven?