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What went with Mandy Bright.

Written By: Larry R. Pirkle

What went with Mandy Bright.
By Larry R. Pirkle
Copywrite 2002

Way down in a holler,
there’s a one-armed man a-crying.
Standing on the front porch,
neath tall Kentucky Pines.
Now he’s been known to stand there,
and cry like that for hours.
Studying about what went with,
his Ms. Amanda Bright.

The year was 1883,
and young Winford Brown was a-smiling.
Cause that town girl Mandy,
had suddenly caught his eye.
With nut brown hair and freckles,
she was all he’d ever wanted.
And she thought that Winford,
could give her the simpler kind of life.

A hundred and forty acres,
still needed clearing in the holler.
The day before young Winford,
would take Mandy for his bride.
The day was hot and sweaty,
and his team of mules stumbled.
Crushing Winford’s left arm,
against a tall Kentucky pine.

Now ol’Doc Adams was summoned,
and told the gathered family.
That it was in the hands of the good Lord,
if Winford made it through the night.
The next two weeks were touchy,
and when he finally turned the corner,
Ms. Mandy kissed him gently,
then slipped off by morning light.

Mandy boarded a train that morning.
A train bound for Yuma.
Leaving Winford never knowing,
what went with Mandy Bright.