Larry Ravenswood

Larry Ravenswood

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Acoustic, Electro/Acoustic, Pop/Rock, AC, Melodic Romantic, Loving, Moody,Trippy Singer/ all of that?


Chicago born Larry Ravenswood is a singer songwriter who plays an acoustic guitar on stage. One might view this as "typical"..many artists do that. However, Larry takes more of a Euro influenced approach. He cites Bowie,Coldplay,U2,David Gray and Dido as one of many influences. One may view this as "forgetting about his American roots". Not fact, Larry is a big fan of Dylan and other American singer/songwriters past and present, although he does not claim to be an artist of the "Americana genre". Larry does prefer performing a cover of "Tuesday Afternoon" over "On The Road Again"..prefers Coldplay over Dave Matthews.. though acknowledging Matthews as a great singer/songwriter...Americanwise, he sites, Matthews, Shawn Mullins and John Mayer as inspirational or "as of compatible-like artists". On his latest project "Million Miles from Zen" Larry combines acoustic guitar with various keyboard and beat sounds, and then mixing it all with lush melodies, vibrant vocals and songwriting. His music has been described by others as "loving,moody,trippy and romantic. He has performed in many cities throughout the USA w/ his lush background music or simply a stripped down acoustic set... Venues include State Fairs,clubs,coffee houses, parks and hotels. The indestructable music veteran has endeared many ups and downs, trends and non trends, but has always survived any or no fallout the music biz has or has not to offer... he insists in staying within his own uniqueness. "I refuse to sound like another artist". Larry is also an active volunteer in helping other artists(radio dj,booking,networking,and just plain 'ol spreading the word!). He is also available as a bassist (mainly interested in established touring acts for the right situation).


1992: The Land America (cassette)
1995: The Dream Factor (cassette)
1997: The Dark Psychedelic Sounds of Larry Ravenswood (cassette)
2002: Trippin' The Life Fantastic (more electronic)
2006: Million Miles from Zen ( 7 song ep version)
2007: Million Miles from Zen (upcoming full length)

Set List

average set 40-45 min: 12 tracks..sometimes I play 2 hour sets..depending on venue.
typical set 40min.
Million Miles from Zen
Beautiful Sunday
I Want To Lay At Your Side
Tuesday Afternoon (Moody Blues cover)
Elliott Skies
Rage Within
Everybody Needs