Larry Rice

Larry Rice


I play fiddle music with humor and passion that makes the women swoon and the men want to get out on the dance floor and dance by themselves.


Larry Rice’s love of entertaining has taken him to some unusual places. From playing rock and Motown for soldiers when he was 12, to playing fiddle on the street or playing violin as part of a singing telegram or gorilla-gram act, sharing his love of music has filled his life.

As part of the legendary Ohio country-rock act, Flatbush, Larry has appeared on-stage with the New Riders of the Purple Sage, Richie Metlock of Blackfoot and the Outlaws, and Little Feat. Flatbush was a touring/recording act for seven years in the late 70’s/early 80’s, and still reunites annually in Ohio.

Larry’s current projects include teaching fiddle and guitar, playing country with his brother Steve in the Rice Brothers Band, and eclectic pop with his daughters Lea and Shannon in Big Cheese.


Red State Blue State

Written By: Larry Rice, Lea Mae Rice, Linn Roath

Red State, Blue State
Lea Mae Rice, Linn Roath and Larry Rice © 2007

Chorus 1
Red state, blue state, different as can be
Red state, blue state, but we love the same country
Different politics but the same hot licks
We’re still brothers, even though we disagree

Chorus 2
Red state, blue state, different as can be
Red state, blue state, but we love the same country
I like mine, but it’s just fine what the other one believes
We’re still brothers, even though we disagree

Chorus 1

B: Dixie Chicks and Goodbye Earl
R: Gretchen Wilson and Redneck Girl

R: Rush Limbaugh and G. Gordon Liddy
B: Stephanie Miller makes me giddy

B: Susan Sarandon I must say
R: Charlton Heston and Doris Day

R: A Silverado and the NRA, please
B: I drive a Prius and I hug trees

Chorus 2

B: California roll and lobster with butter
R: Southern fried chicken there ain’t no other

R: Sweet mint julep and a shot of Black Jack
B: Scotch Manhattan and a Sidecar back

B: Toodlin in my khakis or a nice wool suit
R: My hat and Wranglers and Tony Lama boots

R: Flyin’ in my Bass Tracker, haulin’ ass
B: Paddlin’ my canoe for smallmouth bass

Chorus 1

B: Bubba Bill and his saxophone
R: Ted Nugent and his Cat Scratch Jones

R: Cable Guy Larry and the Blue Collar Tour
B: Fahrenheit and Michael Moore

B: I like granola and tofu too
R: Red meat, beer and barbecue

R: Tony Stewart and #3
B: Tour de France and Lance, mais oui

Chorus 1
Chorus 2

B: Jon Stewart and the Daily Show
R: American Outdoorsman, don’t ya know

R: Sweet Georgia peaches and Mississippi mud
B: Vermont hills and New York crud

B: Largemouth bass and rainbow trout
R: Hey … you use live bait when you go out?
B: Minnows sometimes but Slug-go’s too
R: Yeah, flippin’ and twitchin’ with somethin’ to chew

[Ad lib:
B: “Beech-nut or Redman?”
R: “Sure but Skoal is OK too.” Etc.]
R: Bait-cast or spinning?
B: Spinning, and sometimes I use a fly rod.
R: Don’t tell me you fly-fish!
B: Sure man, you know, a river runs through it.
Don’t laugh, you try bringin’ in a 3 pound smallmouth on a fly rod!
R: Where you get that?
B: Rappahannock River.
R: Did I ever tell you about the bucket mouth I caught down on Santee-Cooper? Etc…

Redneck Cappuccino

Written By: Larry Rice, Lea Mae Rice

Redneck Cappucino
By Lea and Larry Rice ©2006

I was cruisin’ on North in my Ford pickup
It was 2am and I had to wake up
I knew a skim latte or a frappe wouldn’t do
What I needed was a chug a lug of Mountain Dew
Don’t need some tea or somethin’ to chew
Yodel aey hee hoo, Mountain Dew!

So I reached in the cooler to pull a Dew no doubt
It was just a Pepsi so I threw that sucker out!
Put my hand in the ice, it nearly got frostbit
When I saw that can of green I said “No shit!”
I cracked back the pull tab and jumped out of my cab
Yodel aey hee hoo, Mountain Dew!

It’s my redneck cappuccino
I do the Dew it’s true
That pick me up in my pickup truck
I have to yell “Yahoo, yahoo, yahoo, yahoo, yahoo”!

Don’t want to sip espresso
With my laptop by my side
I’d rather slam an MD can
Inside my double wide
You can get it at Winn Dixie
And at Walmart too
Yodel aey hee hoo, Mountain Dew!

Chorus It’ll tickle your innards!

Another Year Older

Written By: Larry Rice

Another Year Older
Words and Music by Larry Rice
Copyright © 2005

So you are another year older
Don’t you dare cry on my shoulder
I ain’t here to sing the blues
Happy Birthday to You

You lose your hair and your tire’s a spare
You got a wrinkle here and there
I got no urge to sing a dirge
Happy Birthday to You

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to You


Be thankful for all you’ve got
So what if you’re going to pot
It could be worse; you could be in a hearse
Happy Birthday to you

Today’s the start you ole fart
Live and play with all your heart
Up and around not in the ground
Happy Birthday to You



Give a shout and raise a cheer
Buy that fogy an ice cold beer
Looks like he’ll be around one more year
Happy Birthday to You

Solo (2X)

Two-Step Too

Written By: Larry Rice

Two-Step Too
Words and music by Larry Rice ©2005

A little downhearted but I’m doin’ all right
Cleaned myself up and I came here tonight
Been a long, hard week and I wanna dance
Cmon’ girl, give me a chance

Do you two-step too?
I saw you dancin’ in line
Lookin’ like you were leadin’ all the moves
Girl you were lookin’ fine

Dance with me darlin’
I hate just standin’ around
Dance with me darlin’
A new love may be found


Twirlin’ round the dance floor, movin’ with me
One, two, one two three
Tellin’ corny jokes to see you smile
Let’s keep dancin’ a while

Solos - Verse, Chorus

There’s a dance next week, can I see you then
I’ll pick you up at eight and we’ll do it again
Girl, I sure like dancin’ with you
I’m glad you two-step too



Little House LP 2007
Redneck Cappuccino, Another Year Older

Flatbush Live LP 2006
Flatbush 45's and Driver's Dream 2007

Set List

It Was a Very Good Year
He Stopped Lovin' Her Today
Tired of Breakin' My Back
Two-Step Too
I Miss Back When
I Cry
You Ain't Goin Nowhere
Boot Scootin' Boogie
Play Somethin' Country

Rights of Man / McBrides
Colored Aristocracy
Jewish Wedding Song
Redneck Cappuccino
Harvest Home
Diggy Diggy Lo
St. Anne's Reel
Dance Dance