Alton, Missouri, USA
BandRockClassic Rock

folk country , rock country, rock , mellow accoustic, some harder rock. we try to do timeless music and play for the audience. entertaining is as important as the music so interaction with the audience. like a dinner theater or coffee shop type atmosphere


born in st louis raised in the south and much travelled i have been influenced by common people and their music. musical training in clearwater florida for piano organ. my back up has been playing gands for 30 years and plays for the love of the music as i do.
my mission as a songwriter is to perform as many types of music as i can stand in order to bring ease to as many people as possible. influences johnny cashk, buck owens, willie nelson, dylan, the beatles, eagles, stones, beetoven, motzart, doors, james taylor, cat stevens and more. our goal isnt dance it is good feelings.
my back up from calivornia brings the other coast to bear into the music with metal and rock background .
not only looking for gigs but am looking for artists bands to perform my music as well.


my album 'countryfied' can be sampled on my site and on cd baby. an older demo of other music can be found on my site or on ebay
countryfied was done in a nashville studio and is on list at curb records(all of the songs)
working on next album that is a break from the country theme and is more on the rock side and both soft and harder music of that type genre including better versions of the demo on some tracks.